Commercial Street advocates, Springfield officials talk TIF projects

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With repairs on the Jefferson Street pedestrian bridge delayed indefinitely, C-Street residents and city leaders met Thursday night to provide feedback on how to use this year’s High Street TIF funds.

The C-Street TIF Fund was established in 2008 to combat the long-term decline of the historic Springfield district by allowing additional sales taxes to be levied on high street businesses to improve the street’s public amenities.

City senior planner/brownfield coordinator Olivia Hough draws dozens of community stakeholders to steer public spending priorities at annual TIF public meeting, briefs residents on upcoming C-Street projects and asks for more feedback.

“The last time you gave us input was in June 2021 when we brought four projects to the city council and allocated funds for those projects for our streets,” Hough told a conference hosted by the White River Brewing Company Say.

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