Conceptual Paintings Contain Real-Life Observations With Humorous Twist



Whether it’s striping tigers or picking petals from human-sized flowers, Tony Hameil dreams of mysterious scenarios and brings them to life with realistic paintings. The Canadian-based artist combines her worldview with her own personal experience to create a humorous and unobtrusive piece.

Hamel approaches each new piece in a realistic style that seems to place these whimsical stories on a stage with a “painted” background. Her calm-faced figure takes it easy to see what’s happening around them, and what they’re doing on their own, no matter how unlikely it is. From time to time, she fuses two different worlds, such as cartoons and the real world, or art history and surrealistic figures. Field & Stream IFor example, it depicts a hunter pointing his rifle at the iconic cartoon character Tweety Bird. “All my work (a series of independent works) shares essentially the same conceptual foundation of politics,” Hamel explains to MyModernMet.

“I call my work’an illustrated commentary on human weakness’,” she continues. “My intention is to reveal certain realities and aspects of human behavior that I have found to be at least unique, if not completely ridiculous. These are the natural environment (most of the time), It may be related to our attitude towards ourselves, or other beings. Pointing to historical references, popular culture, and our current thinking model, I am about the impact of our actions. Create a sarcastic story that tries to warn us. “

Even when the stories of these paintings look eccentric, the calm atmosphere of the canvas interrupts our distrust and consolidates the event in a space where we feel it’s okay to delve into the hidden meanings.

Scroll down to see more conceptual paintings by Hamel and follow the artist on Instagram to keep her latest projects up to date.

Canada-based artist Tony Hameil creates conceptual paintings with a humorous twist.

Interesting conceptual painting by Tony Hameil

“He loves me. He doesn’t love me.”

Interesting conceptual painting by Tony Hameil

“Like a fish out of the water (large)”

Her series High tide and misdemeanor Is “Illustrated commentary on human weakness”.

Interesting conceptual painting by Tony Hameil

“Blue Knight”

Interesting conceptual painting by Tony Hameil

“Ikebana III”

Hamel blends her own experience with the observations of the world in these dreamlike compositions.

Interesting conceptual painting by Tony Hameil

“Field & Stream I”

Interesting conceptual painting by Tony Hameil


Interesting conceptual painting by Tony Hameil


Toni Hamel: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met has granted permission to feature photographs by Toni Hamel.

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