Continental’s “Only Visible When Needed” Display Wins the Gold at the German Design Awards

Continental’s innovative technology is not often overlooked. This German company is world-famous as well as tires and has won several awards for its groundbreaking automotive products. The latest and most well-received was the ShyTech display. It recently won the highest award in one of the most prestigious international design competitions.

The German Design Awards represent an important annual event organized by the German Design Council. The German Design Council is considered the supreme authority to represent the new developments of the German design industry. Its international jury is made up of key experts in all design disciplines.

And this year, Continental was able to bring back the “gold” in the auto parts and accessories category with the ShyTech display. The developers describe it as a solution that seamlessly integrates high-resolution displays into the two-dimensional shaped surface of a real wood or leather look.

ShyTech’s best-selling feature is the ability to show / show content only when needed and “hide” it from the dashboard when not needed. Continental explains that it devised this technology to keep the driver focused while holding the steering wheel and not to be distracted by the constant pop-up of useless information.

The ShyTech display can occupy the entire width of the instrument panel, but it only shows when needed, so it doesn’t distract the driver. Users can use several methods to activate it: they can simply bring their hands closer to the surface, tap the screen surface, or use voice control.

Seamlessly integrated into the surrounding translucent surface, ShyTech mimics the look of a dashboard and can be placed anywhere in the car. Depending on the interior of the car, the display surface may look like a wooden panel or a leather-covered surface.

Continental unveiled the ShyTech display in November, but it’s still unclear how much this will cost. As for the launch date, the German car company is aiming for 2023.



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