Conversations: Conscious Fluidity- An ART NFT Exhibition


(ProNewsReport Editorial):-Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR June 2, 2022 ( – Q9 Capital is announcing its latest exhibition, Conversations: Conscious Fluidity, in collaboration with Artdott. An artist who pushes the boundaries. This presentation at Q9 Crypto Hub is a physical showcase of non-fungible tokens (“NFT”) featuring a select group of Artdott’s premier artists. The exhibition will be held from June 1st to 30th, 2022.

We will explore topics related to nature, society and imagination, and introduce the works of the six NFT artists in three parts, entitled “Fragile Balance”, “Symbolic Unity” and “Alternative Me” respectively. The artwork on display is by Andy Thomas, Margo Trushina, Francesca Ruth Levuu, Kelsey Rath, John Wong and Taras Zheltyshev, alluding to the elements that make up and symbolize human reality and existence. Presented together to interweave the story, a carefully selected selection of NFTs in different styles and formats creates conversations that are as suggestive as they represent our time.

Part 1: Unstable balance
Curation begins with exploring many aspects of nature to explore the elements that make up life and maintain its balance. Inspired by a journey to the ancient rainforest, Australian artist Andy Thomas combines flora images with unusual sounds to create an “audio lifeform.” He uses digital techniques and algorithms to capture the essence of organic life forms and express their beauty through unique sound sculptures. Meanwhile, Moscow-born London-based artist Margo Torcina delves into her bioart and explores environmental concerns expressed through her own personal physical experience.


Living sculptures and environmental reproductions in her video art reflect recent discoveries in neuroscience, biotechnology, and ecology, but can also be seen as a call to action. In addition, British artist Francesca Ruth Revue has incorporated memories, technology and nature into her dreamlike work, overlaying them in the beauty of the natural landscape. Her graceful-looking work connects viewers with nature, engages with and celebrates the source of life.

Part 2: Symbolic Unity
The second part of the exhibition expands the concept of society and exemplifies the concept of community and culture. American artist Kelsey Russ is inspired by everyday objects and cultural icons, especially the historical crafts that are popular in Americana. Her fascinating collage consists of appropriate images that convey nostalgia and retro fascination, providing viewers with relevant and relevant content for engagement. Meanwhile, UK-based Hong Kong artist Jungwon refers to the ancient Chinese fortune-telling text I Ching, which dates back to 1000 BC. It is also a common source of information for both Confucian and Taoist philosophies. .. Through carefully constrained algorithms, Chinese characters are hypnotically expressed, questioning confidence, self-identity, and superstition in Chinese traditional culture and new techniques.

Part 3: Alternative Me
The final section of the presentation describes a new reality, the Metaworld. The YOOMOOTA universe of Russian artist Taras Zeltyshev is a reflection of a deeper consciousness, a digitally created parallel universe in which human emotions and physiology have the same weight as the physical world. The eccentric character of Curiosity Planet, one of YOOMOOTA’s nine planets, embodies the ideals of a “PFP” culture with a variety of attributes that contribute to “rareness.” They challenge us to question the value of our physical existence when the avatar is used as a projection of ourselves.

The carefully selected selection presented together interweaves stories that trace the evolution of everyday reality – it provides a framework for human existence. Exhibition visitors can explore all three parts of the exhibition to further work on their artwork and learn more about NFTs. As a unit of non-exchangeable data stored on the blockchain, NFT guarantees its own signature and ownership, has grown into an important sector of the arts industry, and is increasingly collected by enthusiasts, enthusiasts and novice collectors. It has been.


Image on page 1: “Golden Whistler” – Andy Thomas


The visit is by timed entry and registration is done via the link below. Bringing in is welcome.

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Inquiries about NFT

: June 1-30, 2022
: Q9 Crypto Hub, G / F Lobby, 9 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong: Monday-Friday 11 am-7pm
: @ @artdott_

Hashtag: # q9crypto # q9nft #artdott
: Christine Chan Chiu ([email protected]).

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