CoorsTek details rebuild plan

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Golden residents finally have a chance to hear from CoorsTek and learn more about the request for rezoning and redeveloping the historic 12.2-acre downtown industrial area.

The March 10 virtual community engagement meeting was the first in a series of meetings the Golden-based company set up after the city planning board received more than 50 pages of public comments before its last public hearing.

The scale and complexity of mixed-use projects has been a recurring theme.

CoorsTek Redevelopment Representative Dan Cohen said the project spanned five city blocks and required special consideration to deliver on its promise to the city.

30 years of ownership

CoorsTek has requested a 20-year vesting and rezoning request from the City of Golden.

If passed, the vestment will protect CoorsTek from changes in the city’s zoning.

“Attribution means we agree to a set of rules contained in the PUD, and they cannot be changed for a period of time,” Cohen explained. “What’s different about this project is that it covers the equivalent of five city blocks; it takes 10, 15, 20 years to build — at least 10 to 15 years — provided our economic or social future doesn’t come Unexpected disruption, like a pandemic.”

That just means the rules won’t change during construction, Cohen said.

According to Cohen, the average construction delivery time is three years.

“Attribution will give us time to deliver all the commitments we agreed to in the PUD without changing the rules below us,” he said.

Commitment to Workforce Housing

At present, Jinshi has no requirements for affordable housing.

CoorsTek commits to dedicate 10% of the home to covenant-bound workforce housing.

This means that for every nine non-labor housing units built, CoorsTek will need to provide one affordable unit in the middle income category, defined as 80-120% of the area median income, according to the PUD.

These units will be subject to deeds for 30 years.

They can be sold, rented or both.

While the units will not necessarily be located on the new project site, Cohen said they will be required to be located in the city of Golden and have access to amenities such as transportation and retail.

But when asked if CoorsTek would consider offering units that could earn less than workforce housing, Cohen said it was a possibility but had to be seen as part of an overall package of changes they would make.

“For a macro idea, you can use the idea of ​​equations,” he said. “There are things that allow us to develop and help pay for things that are great but may not have a financial return. We have to understand both sides of the equation — how much we can build, and how much we promise not to generate revenue — to give a final Answer. So, yes, we are willing to think about that, but we have to see it as part of the overall PUD.”

Regional Arts Grant

CoorsTek also has a significant financial commitment to regional arts.

“We think art is a really important part of how it can make a place feel like a unique setting and how we can make this place feel like it’s a unique part of Golden,” Cohen said.

CoorsTek has committed at least $750,000 to fund public art works throughout the redevelopment area. At the high end, the company has committed to paying 2% of the cost of the first building.

Cohen stressed that eligible art needs to be visible to the public, such as fountains, sculptures and murals, not “art in a conference room in someone’s office building.”

Special attention will be paid to finding local artists and artists with diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

Although Cohen said the Gold Public Art Council would not be allowed to select the works, they could still have a voice or influence.

He said it was regional art, not public art. Public art is art that is owned by the city and displayed in public city-owned areas.

“This is a CoorsTek paid art piece on CoorsTek property in the public domain that any member of the public can see.”

There are many more opportunities to learn more about CoorsTek development projects. For upcoming times, dates and locations, visit


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