Create a welcoming home and hearth with easy homemade pots and Yule logs

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WFor guests who may be coming this year’s vacation, you can press Target to make a festive off-the-shelf arrangement to dress up the doorway with Christmas cheers.

Or you can take root in the garage, look for your property, shout “Happy Holidays” and “Welcome”, and create a Christmas pouch pot that costs little or no to make.

If you feel a little safe about inviting people later this year with the vaccine, it’s time to set up an outdoor entrance or courtyard this season. Sebastopol artist, master gardener, former professional florist and arranger Erin Pelican prefers natural and unobtrusive decorations and creates her own potted plant arrangements that convey holiday greetings in a natural and unobtrusive way. I like

“Last year I had a couple during Christmas time,” said Pelican, who teaches wreath making, arrangements and crafts on a pocket-sized farm in Sebastopol. “I put it by my studio to light it up, and people started asking,” Are these for sale? ” “

Yes, yes, Pelican said. However, you can also make them yourself, along with the natural Eurlog, to welcome the winter solstice and the beginning of the return of light.

Try something smaller and lighter

You can use the big pot you already have, from the cupboard, or something fancy you’ve found in a thrift shop. Pelicans prefer to keep the pot small so that it can be lifted and moved. Putting a few together, you can create a statement. She uses a small 5 gallon pot like what you get from a nursery.

“These are very low cost. You don’t have to spend $ 100 just to get out and get the ingredients. Black sapling pots and any of the containers around them are fine,” she said. Told.

Pelicans like to dress up pots with florist foil, such as those found around potted poinsettias. It gives it a little color and shine. Then fill about two-thirds of the pot with soil or sawdust. Alternatively, you can use twigs or sticks. You are mainly looking to fill the space. Arrangements do not live in the media. Get the florist foam (also known as an oasis), soak it for about a day to completely moisten it, and then completely cover the top of the pot soil and sawdust with foam.

In the center of your pot, you will want a beautiful winter bare branch for height. Pelicans like birch, curly willow and walnuts. You can also use tall coniferous branches. Paste it into an oasis, under which you fill the area around the pot with evergreen branches and paste each into a damp foam. These can be pine, cedar, cypress, juniper, or any kind of conifer. We will shoot 3 types and give various textures to the arrangement. Completely surround the inner circumference with one type of branch. Behind that circle, fill another inner circle with another type of conifer, and a third time with another type of evergreen branch. Make sure all oasis is covered.

Now it’s a really fun part — add your adornments. Pelicans like pine cones, horse chestnuts, and oak humps. Look for something sturdy. Holly berries and other winter berries add some color.

“If you use herbs like lavender, they will mold when they get wet. You want something strong. Take a walk with your friends or take your kids. Everyone grabs the bag. You are looking for treasure, “said Pelican.

To dress up the pot for Christmas, tie the pot with a red, green, silver, or gold bow and hang some ball ornaments or a small string of small LED lights. After the holidays, you can get rid of the traces of Christmas and leave them naked in the winter.

Making these little holiday pots can be a fun activity for Christmas gatherings. And you can do it outdoors, both foraging and assembling.

Your arrangement should last for the winter without water, as nothing really lives in it. If the warm and dry days continue, check the foam and if it is not damp, add a small amount of water to keep everything fresh.

Create your own Yule log

In addition to the holiday pot, Pelican also creates a beautiful eurlog that looks beautiful as a tabletop, centerpiece, or mantelpiece. If necessary, you can burn it, as the ancient Norsemen did, in honor of the winter solstice and the gradual return of long days.

Find the log and decorate the top with greens, berries and pine cones. Short round logs up to 18 inches in diameter and 6-8 inches in diameter, like firewood, can be used as Yule logs.

In the solstice ritual, you can put a log on the newspaper bed, light it, and put pine cones, berries, and other winter jewels on top. Place it on the hearth and light it.

“Most people think they’re too cute to shed light,” Pelican said.

To decorate your logs, collect evergreen branches and twigs and tie them with jute strings available at Santa Rosa craft stores and Sequoia Floral. Tie it to the log with more strings. Can be glued to additional ornaments such as berries and pine cones. If you don’t intend to burn it, you can also tie it together with a florist wire.

At the solstice, Pelican gathers the family and congratulates them by burning the Eurlog to the fire and blessing the family with the wishes of the New Year. Hot drinks and hors d’oeuvres are also available.

“You can make it as you like,” she said. “There is no right or wrong way to create a Yule log.”

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