Criminal charges have been filed in the accidental death of architect Erica Tishman | News

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New York architect Erica Tishman died in December 2019 when a masonry fell while walking on a sidewalk in Midtown Manhattan.

There is a new development in which architect Erica Tishman has been charged with criminal charges against real estate owner 729 Acquisitions LLC due to the accidental death in 2019.

NBC4 New York reports that the management code fee was provided by the New York City Department of Buildings. The architect’s family previously claimed that the architect’s death was essentially her own responsibility in the first liability lawsuit filed against the city, and then against a development company managed by Himmel + Meringoff Partners. I was in a civil suit.

“The defendant was aware of the deteriorating condition of the façade, which poses an imminent danger to the public, but was unable to make the necessary repairs and could install a sidewalk hut in front of the building to protect pedestrians. It is said that it could not be done. The condition of the unsafe façade. ” NBC reports what DOB said.

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The management company ignored the order to set up a shelter and was repeatedly warned of pedestrians about the danger of falling debris eight months before the accident in December 2019. According to Crain’s, a three-year audit from 2017 to the last October, 1,966 cases were found in the city that were not addressed as well this year.

“We will continue to enforce strong city regulations to ensure that owners and other responsible persons fulfill their legal responsibilities,” DOB spokesman Andrew Rudansky said in July. I did.

Archinect will evolve further as the case unfolds.

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