Curve Vehicle Design Envisions and Optimizes the Heck out a Gravel E-Bike

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As for automatic evolution here, you may have heard of Curved Vehicle Design (CVD). If you haven’t already, get ready for a real treat. CVD is a design consultancy specializing in almost all forms of transportation, ideal for occupying the visual cortex.

Over the years, this crew has provided customers around the world with a myriad of successful projects. With the ability to cover almost every aspect of vehicle design, from concept to modeling to manufacturing, this is one of the teams that creates unique and unique designs. But today we’ll look at the design of an electric gravel bike above my alley.

It’s called an expedition, and a look at the gallery gives you a good idea of ​​how far this team is going when they turn their attention to something. Think about what their car design looks like. I added one or two images of their concept car as a small Christmas treat.

When it comes to Expedition, this gravel bike may look different than you’ve ever seen. It looks good. One of the main features of this bike is that CVD is completed using carbon fiber and co-located to form a monocoque frame. Though considered a gravel bike, you can’t help but notice the clues to cyclocross.

Sure, the monocoque frame may not be unique, but the shape of the frame, especially the rear triangles, is very different from what I’ve seen. For example, the redesigned rear reveals a chainstay projected well above the drivetrain. The only advantage I can see with this design is that it provides some suspension at the rear.

Expedition seems to present one of the “invisible, but there” scenarios, but it is designed as an electric bike. The down tube is said to house an integrated battery with a fast release feature, but the motor is housed directly in the BB like any other rugged electric bike. The frame is also built around it to help protect this important component.

But that’s all we know. No mention is made of the level of power the battery provides or the amount of support the motor provides. Again, the strength of CVD is to build an eye-catching, clean design. Judging from the battery pack and motor integration, all you need at this point is a wealthy cyclist who asks CVD to actually assemble this bike. Will SRAM or Shimano all probably control the Gates Carbon Drive?

The cockpit is a little exaggerated. It seems that very long stems are used. However, because the bike frame is relatively tight, this can be just an optical illusion. The only way to get the rider in the right position is to push the handlebars a little further forward.

Looking at the cockpit in more detail, everything seems to be electronically controlled. Braking isn’t too much, it has all the buttons and the LCD display is integrated into the handlebars. Speaking of integration, the headlights and taillights are built-in and are clearly button controlled.

Like most other bike packing machines, the Expedition is designed to carry everything you need for your cycling adventure. The triangle in front of the frame can be filled with water and food freighters, but before and after the expedition there are cargo compartments for tents and other gear. The toolkit is set in the top tube between the legs.

If you want to see what the application of vehicle design over the years will bring to your bike, the expedition is clearly a good candidate. All we need now is a wealthy soul to entrust this beauty. The design is waiting.


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