Cute Couple Unaware Their Photographer Was Cher on Date Night

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Photo by Fraser Harrison / Getty Images

From time to time, couples need to go to town at night to keep their romance alive. But it’s not every day that your special night culminates in meeting celebrities.

That’s exactly what happened when a couple in Houston, Texas, Cindy Germain and Tehran Stokes left the restaurant, a musical legend and prolific tweeter. Cher KTRK reported that they offered to take pictures of them. Only the couple didn’t know it was a celebrity at the time because she was masked.

They didn’t understand what was really going on until Sher shared the photo on Twitter.

“When we came out of the movie, I saw a beautiful couple,” tweeted a singer who reportedly left the theater shortly after watching Steven Spielberg’s movie. West Side Story..

Sher went on to explain that he saw Stokes posing with flowers and taking pictures. Sher then asked if she could take a picture of them. She posted it on Twitter after the fact, and the rest is the history of the viral internet. Check out Cher’s post here for yourself.

The couple responded to Cher’s post, and German wrote: It’s me, and it was my birthday! Wow! can not believe it! “

Stokes said, “Wow! That’s why we really met CHER! This night will surely be remembered forever.”

And it looked like a very romantic night. Germain shared the dates leading up to the encounter, such as receiving flowers, dining at a fine dining restaurant, and toasting with champagne.

Jermaine laughed at the celebrity sharing her boos and private moments with the world.

And another user wanted to get his “shale moment” someday.

Still, other users praised Stokes for making a good choice to bring his love flower.

Even the diva Anita Baker had to celebrate the beauty of the moment.

I don’t know where you are Cher Then it ends.

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