Dad quits mechanic job after amazing neighbours with incredible snow paintings of Christmas film scenes

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Dad painted an incredible Christmas movie scene in the window of his house in Wigan-and it surprises people above and below the country.

Scott Wilcock, 34, quit his job as a mechanic to pursue art in a pandemic, full-time, after an overwhelming reaction from snow spray paintings and airbrush art.

This Christmas, he surprised his neighbors with the classic Home Alone and Miracle murals on 34th Avenue. He is currently drawing Will Ferrell from his children’s favorite elf.

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Scott quit his 17-year job in 2020 after being flooded with requests from people to paint his home.

It started as a hobby four years ago, and Scott spent the night exploring art media.

“My wife was very impressed. She took a picture of half of my first work completed and posted it on Facebook,” Scott said.

“Then people started asking how much their house would cost. This came to me as a shock because I hadn’t finished one window.

Scott with his home alone scene created with a snow spray

“After realizing that I could do a little business, I spent every night after trying out a snow spray and building a portfolio.”

When the blockage was lifted, Scott challenged to paint an airbrush portrait at a local gym during a six-week furlough.

I hadn’t tried it before, but after sharing the photos, the demand for commissions increased and I quit my career.

“I’ve never done this with an airbrush and never investigated it. I felt I could, so I chose it,” Scott said.

Since launching his business, Snow Graffiti, the two fathers have traveled all over the UK for the first nine months of the year in the “Cave of Men”, including shops, restaurants, gyms and even Marcus. I have drawn portraits and full scenes. Rashford mural on the wall of a school in Wigan.

Two fathers pay homage to the classic movie Miracle on 34th Avenue

Scott has since spent the last few months decorating windows with a spray of snow, such as Halloween and the magical Christmas display.

He was asked by an overseas company to make a piece to promote their brand.

But for the past three years, Scott has been working on very detailed scenes of windows in his family’s home, such as the hit Sitcom Friends mural.

His wife Melissa chooses a theme, then he sets out to create it. It takes him about a whole day for each scene.

“We have different scenes of all kinds, and Friends last the longest.

Scott began drawing Will Ferrell as an elf

“Neighbors are used to seeing them and always praise them.”

Scott always dreamed of becoming an artist when he was a kid at school, but he was advised not to pursue his career as he was told that he was unlikely to get the grades he needed to enter college. rice field.

“I finally got a grade,” he said. “But I still feel that I’m on the right track because all my art is self-taught.

“I’m using another method in my art that no one else has seen, so I feel it’s a blessing to do it my way.”

He encourages young girls to be creative and says that both his 8 and 5 year olds can paint the scene with a snow spray.

After posting his work online, his artwork captivated families across the country.

His eldest son took her own tutorial on how to make a picture of a snowman, and his youngest designed the windows he used for his customers.

Scott also shares his tutorials online for his family to follow.

“They had such an amazing reaction,” he continued.

“I have lots of pictures of attempts and nice messages to thank my parents for following my videos and making their own scenes and making their kids proud.”

After sharing a photo of his home Christmas display on Wednesday to the DIYOn A Budget Facebook group, it became viral within hours.

The post has over 38,000 likes and over 4,000 comments, and page members comment on how “great” they are.

Kayli Ann Ann replied, “This is a great talent,” and Sian Addiscott asked, “This is absolutely amazing !!! Come and open the window next Christmas !!!”.

“I’ve never seen such a talent. This is the greatest work I’ve ever seen,” said Elisha Myers.

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