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Daniel Buren’s new exhibition at EMMA invites visitors to wander through a labyrinth of twists and turns.

Daniel Bullen (b. 1938) Known as a radical reformer of contemporary art. For EMMA, he conceived a unique overall work that occupies the gallery space of EMMA. The exhibition will also feature iconic interventions and event-based work from Bren’s extensive career in Finland.Bren’s walk in a zigzag The EMMA 2022 program will be launched, the theme of which is crystal ballThroughout the year, EMMA will feature a selection of artists known as visionaries of their time.

Daniel Buren believes that every space is full of possibilities. In a career spanning six years, the pioneering French artist has challenged conventional ideas about art with his ephemeral, site-specific, ground-breaking work criticizing art institutions. Buren is an acclaimed artist and recipient of numerous major awards, including the Golden Lion for Best Pavilion at the 1986 Venice Biennale. One of his most famous permanent public works, Les Deux Plateau–normally called as Colonnad Bren– Located in the inner courtyard of the Palais Royal in Paris.

Curated by EMMA Ajamil and Simon Frith Director of the Danish Creators Programme, Bren’s walk in a zigzag Visitors are invited to navigate a labyrinth of twists and turns.

“We are very proud to bring Daniel Buren’s exhibition to the Finnish public. This exhibition is of international news value, not only because it marks Daniel Buren’s first large-scale new live work at EMMA, but also because it provides insight into A broad overview of the event-based work of one of the most influential names in contemporary art,” said curator Arja Miller.

Folding Screens (Les Paravents) is a site-specific work created by Buren exclusively for the EMMA space. Taking inspiration from the museum’s open horizontal spaces and 100-meter-wide windows, the work consists of a maze of giant colourful folding screens and Bren’s iconic cabanes éclatées, creating surprising new spaces and different landscapes , in which the audience is immersed.

The exhibition will also overflow the walls of the museum through a series of open-air events and interventions. A week before the opening, Bren’s iconic vertical stripes were featured on more than 300 JCDecaux billboards across the winter landscape of Helsinki and Espoo. Buren is known for his use of 8.7cm wide vertical stripes as a visual tool to reveal hidden aspects of familiar spaces.

Also featured is Deployer/Deployer, In May, Espoo’s Tapionaukio Square consists of 105 striped flags.Bren’s famous stripes will also appear on the sails of the Optimist dinghy, which competes in a regatta in the Gulf of Notaniemi named Sail/Canvas—Canvas/Sail (Voile/Toile—Toile/Voile)organized in partnership with Espoo Pursiseura Yacht Club EPS.

The striped vest will turn the museum’s customer service staff into a film called (Vest) Essai hétéroclite: Les Gilets, travail situé. Staff will wear striped vests throughout the exhibition.

The unifying theme of EMMA 2022, crystal ball, is a metaphor for visionary insight, creative dreams, and an artist’s special talent for predicting the future. Daniel Buren is a contemporary art visionary with over 3,000 exhibitions in various locations and venues around the world.

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