Daughter of late Penrith woman appeals for missing artwork


The daughter of a Penlis woman who died in a tragic house fire last month appealed to the general public to help her find a missing painting created by her mother.

Hilda May Lee, 85, was found dead at Willow Close’s home around 11:30 am on January 24th.

Margaret Lee talked about her mother and said: “She was a Penlis businessman and a nationally registered podiatrist for many years. People were traveling from all over the world to meet her.

“She moved to the town nearly 45 years ago, studied podiatry for many years, worked until the age of 80, and was known to many in the town.

“She had a lot of interest. People may remember her in bag piping. She used pipes at Burn’s Nights and piped all care homes in the Penris area on New Year’s Day. It was spinning around.

“Recently, she has found time to realize her passion for art. She is a very good watercolor painter and has been able to do much more in the last few years.

“She had so many beautiful paintings that were invaluable that no one could have the original. Even her family was told that she could get a copy of her work.”

Signature: Some of Hilda’s beautiful watercolors. Most of her originals featured her signature.

When asked how he found the painting missing, Margaret continued:

“I’m sure they were taken. Even relatives very close to my mother would say that no one was allowed to leave home for her job.

“She had to wait a lifetime, not have to rush the painting, and have time to enjoy it.

“Sadly, I found that many of her works were missing from her collection and had to be reported to the police.

“My mother was hoarding at’old school’. Everything was purposeful and she never let go. You had a hard time getting something out of your house.

“We have some concerns about where the painting goes.”

Margaret added: “Some of her paintings will be known to people. She participated in art competitions, was willing, sometimes won, and was very passionate about it.

“Some paintings are signed by either HMLee or HildaMLee.

“My mother has nothing left, the paintings have immense sentimental value, and their disappearance hurt my heart.”


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