Davao-based artist turns decorative trays into pieces of art – Manila Bulletin

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Davao-based artist turns decorative trays into pieces of art – Manila Bulletin

Tanya Gaisano-Lee presents her creative vision through different canvases

With people forced to stay indoors during the pandemic, many Filipinos have created wonderful worlds in their homes through art. From adding countless houseplants to incorporating mid-century decor, the home is where fantasy becomes reality as people make living in isolation a captivating and beautiful experience. If you’re looking to add more art to your place, this Davao-based mom and artist has the right piece that blends aesthetics with function.

Tanya Gaisano-Lee and daughter Jana

Tanya Gaisano-Lee embarks on a new journey as an artist and shares her vision by producing vibrant pieces through Art Deco trays. “I’m inspired to have an art tray because not only do I want to be part of the aesthetic on some home walls, but I also want to have a practical piece that can be used by more people,” she said.

Her decorative trays come in two-piece sets, and people can choose from three sizes: Small (12″ x 8″), Medium (14″ x 9″) and Large (15″ x 10″). The line shows her vision of Madonna and child, vivid roosters and colorful peacocks.

Tanya depicts Madonna and child, a rooster and a peacock through her decorative tray

“Despite the bold colors and textures, the inspiration behind Madonna and Child was my effort to inspire this tender emotion. Living in a Catholic country and coming from a Catholic school, it seemed inevitable that I would pursue one at some point Religion/belief based projects,” the artist muses. “Although the rooster is one of my favorite subjects to paint. It’s so ingrained in our culture and traditions. I love expressing myself through the color of its feathers and the texture of its red crown. Making a peacock was a challenge for me because I had to use every color I had in a painting. It was an energy with a deeper meaning, a sign of respect and honor, a value we wanted to bring into our homes.”

“I also plan to create and expand the available designs for the collection in the coming months,” she added.

More decorative trays from Tanya

This isn’t the first time Tanya has shown her artistic prowess. In 2014, Tanya entered the local art scene, showing black and white patterns that, while still beautiful in their simplicity, still evoke a sense of commitment to the art to come. Four years later, it was a breakthrough year for Tanya. She had her first solo exhibition at the Crucible Gallery in Manila. Titled “Beyond Nude,” the exhibition showcases Tanya’s strong artistic voice—not only in her choice of subjects that many might consider taboo, but also in her vivid interpretations. This was followed by her first solo exhibition in Davao, titled “Beyond the Womb,” which showcased her journey to conceive of her daughter through different works, evoking all the challenges and triumphs she experienced.

“Authenticity is important to me,” says Tanya, who realizes how lucky she is to be able to pursue her passion for creating beautiful works of art. “Because I have the opportunity to share my talents and my creative vision, I want to make sure that I share my true self and that it is reflected in every piece of art I create.”

Visit @tanyagaisanolee_art on Instagram to learn more about Tanya and her creative work, or to purchase her art tray.

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