David Chipperfield Architects unveils Winter Olympics arena in Milan

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David Chipperfield Architects Berlin Studios and engineering firm Arup have unveiled the Santa Julia Arena in Milan for the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Designed as the centerpiece of the new Milan Santa Julia district, the 12,000-seat arena will host ice hockey events in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo at the 2026 Winter Olympics.

David Chipperfield Architects and Arup are designing the Santa Julia Arena

The Milan Santa Julia district, located a few kilometers from the city center of Milan, was master-planned by Foster and Partners in 2006. In addition to parks and arenas, there is a mix of residential, educational, commercial and leisure buildings.

David Chipperfield Architects and Arup designed an oval arena to refer to a traditional amphitheater, and the adjacent square is used for outdoor events.

“The oval shape of the building was inspired by the amphitheater prototype and reinterpreted with modern tectonics and materials,” said David Chipperfield Architects.

“The strategic location of the arena creates a spacious square meter of over 10,000 square meters in the northern part of the site, which can also be used as a venue for outdoor events.”

Stadium visuals by David Chipperfield Architects and Arup
Consists of three layers surrounded by LED media screen

The arena with 12,000 seats and 4,000 standing will be used for post-match concerts and events.

It consists of a stack of three metal levels surrounded by a large LED media screen that illuminates the building at night. The three layers separated by a glass band are designed to appear to float on each other.

It rises to the podium and is accessible from both the wide stairs and the entrance cut into one of the ends of the street.

The studio explained that these tree-lined entrance areas are designed to resemble “green hilly landscapes” and balance “hard material on the podium.”

According to David Chipperfield Architects, the exterior of the stadium will be completed with solar-powered roof panels to generate electricity that “mostly covers the needs of energy-efficient buildings.”

Santa Julia Arena Podium
Growing up on a row of podiums

Inside, there are two tiers of seats above the main floor of the area. Some levels have a lounge and a skybox.

All seats will be accessible through a large lobby at each floor level with catering facilities, among other services.

Elsewhere in Milan, Populous is currently designing a stadium called the Cathedral for the football clubs Inter Milan and AC Milan to replace the iconic San Siro Stadium.

David Chipperfield Architects was founded in London in 1985 by British architect David Chipperfield. We currently have studios in Berlin, Milan and Shanghai.

The company is currently renovating the Jenners department store in Edinburgh and recently completed a theater in the cultural district of Jingdezhen.

The visuals are from Onirism Studio.

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