Deadmau5 Wants To Go Platinum With A New NFT Song—And A Bus Campaign At Art Basel Miami Is Helping Promote It

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Since the Recording Industry Association of America introduced the idea of ​​”platinization,” the milestone of selling one million albums has been coveted by musicians through the evolution of the format. Currently, DeadMau5 has plans to move to platinum in the crypto era.

Deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) collaborated with rock band Portugal. The Man on “This Is Fine”. This is a new single created as a non-fungible token (NFT) that debuted today. This project also poses some public challenges to the music industry. Can NFT songs be platinum if all 1 million copies have been sold? The RIAA has a set of standards for streamed and downloaded music, but NFTs are a new territory.

“I’m excited to see how the RIAA perceives it,” Zimmerman said. Forbes In an interview. “If things go the way of the DAO, the RIAA will have to do something about it. They need to track something. It will be a new candidate.”

The musician NFT launched today was created on the mint base of the NFT platform, using near blockchains that replace blockchains such as Ethereum. Each NFT in “This Is Fine” is priced close to 0.25, or about $ 2.19 this week, with $ 750,00 available this week at Art Basel Miami. One million others are sold individually or as bundles. For example, one “Ultimate Bundle” contains a total of 50,000 units, including artwork, limited edition NFTs, merchandise packs, and DeadMau5 guest list spots. In addition, 200 contains 1,000 NFTs, and each pack has its own artwork.

To support the decline in NFTs, DeadMau5, Portugal The Man and Near are promoting the new NFTs and conducting outing campaigns to sell Near and blockchain technology in Miami and several major cities. OOH ads will be roamed on several buses, but will appear in Miami this month, New York City from late December to early January, and San Francisco next month. Ads with messages such as “Crypto, but easy” and “Crypto without the Carbon” and a QR code that brings people back to Mintbase are an attempt to easily understand the crypto world and perhaps make it accessible to those who don’t. Still familiar with the space.

DeadMau5 is no stranger to cryptocurrencies. Over the past year, he has done many other crypto and NFT projects. In April, Deadmau5 collaborated with fellow Canadian DJ REZZ to perform an NFT drop on DJ’s most popular hit, “Hypnocurrency,” which currently has over 14 million streams and is now Spotify. In August, he launched his second blockchain card collection at Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). And last month, he helped launch an NFT music streaming platform called MODADAO.

“When we wrote the track, it was really like an album, nothing more. And the following year, we started digging into all the other blockchain and crypto projects. . ”

Joel Zimmerman, Deadmau5

Other Web3 projects, including the DeadMau5 project, include collaborations with Roblox, the blockchain-based gaming platform Mythical Games, Sandbox, and Decentraland. He recently collaborated with music producer Richie Hawkin to launch Pixelynx, a playtest game platform. Zimmerman also sells DeadMau5 art on platforms such as SuperRare, an Ethereum-based digital art market. (Portugal The Man is experimenting with cryptocurrencies again this year. In January, the band debuted their own coin as a way to build a new kind of fan club.)

The band is working with Mintbase and Near to overcome cost barriers and make NFTs easier to access. Fans don’t have to download crypto wallets to buy or pay crypto, and they can buy NFTs via Stripe, making them easier and more accessible than many other NFTs.

“People like Joel must be their standard-bearers and sledgehammers,” Wilson said. Forbes.. “That’s what we do. It’s the first step through the door.”

Zimmerman also sees NFTs as a strategy for the entire music industry, including music streaming giants. And instead of selling something to the highest bidders for millions of dollars or letting someone bid on the only copy of the Deadmau5 album, he said, “Music is another type of art world and elsewhere. It’s different from the NFT. ”

“We basically want to use it as a social utility to govern and better manage our property,” Zimmerman said in 5 or 10 years for companies such as Spotify. I admitted that I might not have to rely on. “There’s a reason these companies have billions of dollars, but it’s not from viewers like you, it’s from the back-end dividends offered by the artists.”

It was actually Wilson who first incorporated Zimmerman into the NFT when he took the Dead Mau pin out of the vending machine at the show and turned it into a digital trading card with WAX.

“We took what’s happening in physics and brought it digitally, and it really took off at that point,” Wilson said. “And for the first time in an artist’s life, there is secondary market income, which we have seen other than seeing tickets sold forever by Scalper and making incredible amounts of money. It’s nothing. Now, any IP owner can get a new source of income and an eternal life. This is great. “

When “This Is Fine” was rewritten in February 2020, long before the current NFT epidemic began, it is in the midst of widespread momentum with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. However, the origin story of this song had nothing to do with Web3. But over the past year, DeadMau5 and his manager Dean Wilson have begun to dive into various crypto and blockchain projects, but still wanted to better understand the legality of the ecosystem and its surroundings. ..

The project is collaborating with DeadMau5 and Near at Mintbase, a Lisbon-based NFT startup, which started in 2018 as the Ethereum blockchain NFT ticketing platform. Nate Geier, CEO and co-founder of Mintbase, said last year that Chinese venture capital firm Sino Global said prices would “kill us” and urged the company to switch to Near.

Geier was the first to connect with Deadmau5 after burning a beer NFT at the Berlin Beer Festival. There, Apple Airdrop was used to send digital beer to people who could “burn” NFTs in exchange for real beer at the festival. ..

“People like Joel must be their flag bearers and sledgehammers. That’s what we do. That’s the first step through the door.”

Deadmau5 Manager, Dean Wilson

DeadMau5 is also experimenting with other new technologies. In 2016, we collaborated with Absolut Labs, an incubator run by vodka brand Absolut, to create an interactive virtual reality game. Zimmerman has released their own NFTs and is collecting them, currently 20-30. However, DJs say they treat their NFTs more like art than practicality.

“I like art and many artists, because many of them have always been digital media designers, just as everyone loves to put” NFT artists “in their bios,” Zimmerman said. I did. “Like Justin Muller, Stephen Baltai, and many really talented GGI artists who did it before the NFT epidemic, and when the NFT epidemic smashed, it just suddenly changed everyone’s biographies. It was good for notices and things like that, but it feels a bit salty. “

According to Geier, the exciting part of this project is to print the NFTs in bulk, rather than doing a limited collection that sells in bulk. He mentioned the now-famous NFT by artist Beeple, which Christie’s sold back for $ 69 million in March, and people were excited about the NFT not because of money, but because of “what they’re going to do in the future.” I added that it wasn’t. “

“Selling one NFT to me for $ 69 million is a yawn,” Greier said. “It’s like who cares … there’s no innovation. Selling me a million NFTs is the next level. It’s a real innovation. It’s for the masses. I think this is really just beginning to prove this overall idea of ​​what we are excited about. “

Founded in San Francisco last year, Near is less popular than other blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the selling point is that it is cheaper than other more common protocols. Last year, Near raised about $ 22 million from the A16Z and now has 1,600 active developers building in the ecosystem.

“In 2017, it became a cryptocurrency, it stays for the cryptocurrency,” said Illia Polosukhin of NearCo Founder. “Now I’m learning about crypto, but it opens up this new world of interaction. In the future, every new startup I see in the consumer arena will incorporate crypto into their strategy. Is to be. “


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