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Norman Lebrecht

December 19, 2021

Personal view from the director of the Brittany National Orchestra:

Before everyone grabs the pearl and shakes his finger about the so-called cancellation of his beloved classic (even the most luxurious pieces can get tired and hackney), I have only three things to say about reality. 1) Other companies are playing Nutcrackers in Berlin this season. 2) Why don’t people just read the Staats Ballet website for their point of view 3) They will be programming a new Nutcracker next season!
Over time, works have always been reworked, and art has always evolved in a nasty way for temple guardians. It is also the reason why performing arts are living and breathing entities, not just folklore or fetishistic in their uniformity. The fact that Start Ballet has decided to consider stereotypes of 19th century art and is looking for ways to present Nutctracker (and perhaps other works) in the future has almost all been done by us. Has been looking for years in the world of classical art, which can also bring freshness and inclusiveness. This is an expression of their point of view and their values.

The real problem is that these sound discussions about their role in art and society are often manipulated by non-artists, often for obvious political reasons, on both sides of the spectrum. .. It only helps to get many art professionals involved in a battle that no one can win and further divide us. This, in turn, continues to nourish the extreme politics that are destroying our society today.

So what about this: feel free to experiment, explore, and ask difficult questions to artists and institutions about who we are in the modern world. And – let’s see the artistic achievements and what they have to express to the audience.

Second, let anyone who wants to perform and produce classical art in its purest form, as long as everyone is allowed to participate in the process. The audience chooses, and some choose experimentation and classicism. It is imperative that we grow and evolve in a changing world.

Mark Feldman, Director of Auchester National de Brittany

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