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Want to personalize your home with unique second-hand jewelry? Our collection of essential vintage decorations features books, frames, lamps and other items readily available at thrift shops. Thrift shops offer a great opportunity to find beautiful home decor without expensive price tags. You can always trust the abundance of specific items such as timeless mirrors, picture frames and luminaires.


With a little inspiration, the old picture frame can be dressed up in any room. When shopping, look for a unique design. Don’t worry too much about scratches, scratches and chips. If you don’t like the wabi-sabi style, you can easily fix these small imperfections with a little TLC (softness, affection, care) and a coat of fresh paint. Collect frames in a similar palette to create a cohesive gallery wall, or omit artwork and layer frames in different shapes and sizes to create an eye-catching mantelpiece decoration.


Vases are a staple of thrift shops. Available in all shapes, sizes and colors, it’s simple and easy to add to any display. Find the one that matches your color scheme and add flowers and pampas grass to give it a traditional look. Vintage vases are also a great way to decorate open shelves.


Baskets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and weaves, and you can find second-hand goods for just a few dollars. Consider your needs when choosing a basket for your home. If you need wall art in your kitchen, choose a bright basket and hang it on your chaise lounge. Or, if you need more storage in your bedroom, look for a large, wide basket to store extra linen and pillows.


Many thrift shops have an entire section designated for cooking. Before you buy used tableware, cutlery, or glasses, decide on a display theme and destination. Need all the cream-colored plates on the wall display in the dining room? Or a bright red serving piece for holiday decoration? Bypass the missing parts and look for patterns and colors that suit your style.


Whether it’s complete equipment, shades only, or bases only, there are many ways to refresh a used lamp. Decorate your plain ceramic or glass lamp base with oil-based paint markers. Flower decals, ropes, embroidered floss, felt and other crafts are other ideal tools for transforming boring lampshades.


Almost all recycle shops double as second-hand bookstores. Cookbooks, self-help books, and last year’s bestsellers are on the shelves. With some creativity, old books have the power to decorate a beloved home. Find your favorite decoration page and add it to your DIY (Do-It-Yourself) artwork frame. Or collect interesting thorny old volumes with your favorite color palette to complete your home office or living room.


Instead of buying a new mirror, go to your local thrift shop and find a unique mirror. Place multiple vintage mirrors on the wall of one accent, use one in your closet to prepare daily, or hang one on your regular medicine rack.

If you can’t find a mirror you like, find a mirror in your favorite frame and paint it in a different color.

Wall art

The thrift shop is a disguised art gallery without expensive price tags. Beautiful vintage paintings are often found in thrift shops and are perfect for creating the walls of an eclectic gallery of dreams. Decide on a color palette and start saving artwork in your living room, bedroom, or hallway.

Serving tray

Serving trays are a decorative necessity that can be used in a variety of ways. Vintage trays are also very versatile, whether you want to put the tray on a coffee table or dresser to collect a variety of items, or put it in a drawer to make it easier to organize. In addition, they can double as wall decorations. Remember to grab at least one to upgrade your home decor the next time you go to save. —


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