Def Leppard’s Rick Allen Is ‘Really Proud’ Of His Charlie Watts Painting

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Jay Conroy of “Jay Conroy and Hard Rock” interview Rick Allen and Def Leppard Drummer art will begin at the end of November at the Wentworth Gallery in Short Hills, NJ. Rick He talked about his artwork, his inspiration, and the background of his art. Watch the 26-minute video below.

Allen I recently talked about him on the New Jersey stage “Legend” A series of realistic yet impressive portraits of the musicians who influenced him, Jimmy Hendricks To Freddie Mercury To John Lennon.. “We have lost another legend Charlie Watts This is clearly a devastating blow to the music community and the world as a whole, like the end of the era, “he said. Charlie Watts And I’m really proud of it. Since I have the original, I usually take original high-resolution photos and create mixed media works based on them. “

In an interview in 2018 Hype Magazine, AllenHe began painting from an early age before picking up a drum, and described the use of light and certain bright objects in his art as follows: of course. It is a study of how light hits an object and bounces off.Some of my recent works — there was something I did [late DEF LEPPARD guitarist] Steve clerkThen there was what I did John Lennon; I Jimmy Hendricks, “Legend” Work — It was a study for me that you weren’t actually painting a person’s face, but how light bounced off a person. If you look closely at some of the works, it doesn’t make sense to look at them up close. When you stand behind and start looking at it from a distance, it’s as if your mind is filling in the void, creating an illusion of reality. “

Two years ago, Rick Said Atlanta Journal-Constitution About his artistic process in his paintings: “I take a picture of the person I really like, poster it and sketch the poster on canvas, so I can come up with white and black. After underpainting, start choosing a color. “Legend”, I usually listen to the music of the artist I’m drawing. “

Allen Said He enjoys art tours because he gives him the opportunity to interact with his fans in a more intimate environment than he can at a concert.

“When Def Leppard, Meeting people is a bit concise and impersonal. ” Allen Said. “These kinds of events allow me to meet people in different ways, at a more personal level.”

Paintings by Rick Allen, Def Leppard’s Batterista, Charlie Watts

Posted by Gustavo Quiroga on Saturday, October 23, 2021

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