Delft Blue Night Watch Introduces Its First Physical and Digital NFT Art Masterpiece Collection

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Delft Blue Night Watch Introduces Its First Physical and Digital NFT Art Masterpiece Collection

Unlock the World’s Best Art: Art Attainment’s First Phygital NFT Collection – The Delft Blue Night Watch

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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The Artistic performance Collective is revolutionizing the art world by allowing art and history lovers to own and experience both digital and physical versions of the world’s greatest art masterpieces, as they are digitized and immortalized on the blockchain.

The Delft Blue Night Watch is Art Attainment’s first physical and digital NFT collection and it features the traditional Dutch ceramic interpretation of Rembrandt’s most iconic painting, “The Night Watch”. It is currently on display in the Royal Delft Museum in the Netherlands and measures a staggering 3.63m x 4.37m (or 12 by 14 feet).

“Our goal is to challenge the boundaries between the physical and digital art worlds.” NFTs are exciting because they give you a way to securely own and trade digital art – but you can’t display it in your home or office. We want to offer the best of both worlds and allow our holders to also experience their art in real life.”

The Delft Blue Night Watch is made of 480 tiles. Each tile will be represented on the blockchain by 3 unique NFTs. The NFT holders will also be able to claim a actual physical tile reproduction linked to their NFT.

  • The Delft Blue Night Watch is a work of art first phygital (physical and digital) NFT collectionwhich contains 480 tiles that will be divided into 3 NFTs, with a total of 1440 NFTs.
  • Every NFT owner can make a claim actual tile reproduction (equivalent to their NFT) that they can trade or display in their homes or offices.
  • The NFTs will go on sale in January 2023. The price and exact are yet to be announced.

We maintain close relationships with private collectors, and we are currently working on future drops featuring never-before-seen art from the likes of Picasso, Goya, Alberto Giacometti, and more.

We want more people to own and enjoy a digital and physical experience of the most remarkable, historic and iconic masterpieces.

“We know that for most people, getting inspiration from art is limited to sporadic museum visits, and owning art is exclusive to the ultra-rich. We believe it shouldn’t be that way.” – says Vivek Joshi, CEO of Art Attainment. “Our goal is to allow more people to experience art in a new way – digitally and physically – while making it secure and eternal on the blockchain.”

About art performance

Art Attainment is founded by a collective of digital and physical art collectors. We work closely with museums and private art owners to digitize the world’s most famous, unique and remarkable works of art. We start with the Delft Blue Night Watch, hand painted by 2 master painters of the Royal Delft Company – the last remaining Delftware factory from the 17th century.




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Vivek Joshi – Co-Founder and CEO

[email protected]

Art Attainment only sells digital art as NFTs. The NFT holders will have the option to claim a free physical reproduction of their digital tile image as a gift. We hold all rights to Delft Blue Night Watch, and we do not sell any rights to claim, own or use the original Delft Blue Night Watch. Instead, we use our IP to create a digital experience based on the original art.

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Artistic performance

Artistic performance

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