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The excitement surrounding the NFT market represents many opportunities for buyers and sellers. Unfortunately, this sector is not yet mature and presents many inconveniences that significantly limit its appeal to the general public. With this observation, Artrade is specially designed for users, whether they are buyers or sellers, with a great deal of ergonomic effort, regardless of the level of interface, integration capabilities, or security. Developed the application.

Source: Artrade

Artrade presentation and purpose

Artrade’s role is to democratize access to NFTs, not necessarily relying on the big ones. House like that Sotheby’s also Christie’s.. There are three features available in this application:

● NFT Live: This patent-pending feature allows users to design live NFTs from connected phones or other mobile devices. Only a limited number of users can access this feature and keep it exclusive.

● NFT Real: Users can combine the sale of physical products with the sale of NFTs.

● Virtual Gallery: This is a special feature of the application that allows users to view NFTs in the form of virtual galleries via news feeds with a Tumblr or Pinterest-like design.

Blockchain is essentially a tool that helps fight counterfeit tragedy, but applications require each NFT to have a unique identifier called a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) and link to a defined set of metadata. It is designed.

Technical features of Artrade

Selected by Artrade Solana Launch the application. Solana is the most efficient blockchain to date, with a highly active developer community and a growing NFT ecosystem. This allows users to mine NFTs in seconds with little gas cost. Then, in order to maintain the cross-chain commitment, Artrade will gradually integrate all blockchains and welcome all NFTs on the platform.

In addition to being the first NFT marketplace designed for smartphones with Instagram-like features, one of Artrade’s strengths lies in the team’s initiative from an environmental responsibility perspective. Because the NFT sector consumes a lot of energy, this application is based on the Solana blockchain and better manages the costs associated with power consumption.In addition, Artrade Climate partner This is to enable climate mitigation projects to offset the carbon emissions associated with the creation of NFTs.

Source: Artrade

Business type

Like most blockchain projects, the application has a token ATR, priced at $ 1.8 billion, and will be used for the next activity.

● Project funding: ICOs are organized to fund the development of the project over a three-year period. Therefore, ATR holders are perfect players in the progress of the project. ICO Binance smart chain, A choice justified by the compatibility of BSC and Ethereum and its low transaction costs. During this ICO, 50% of all offers will be distributed in 3 rounds. The remaining offers will be distributed as follows: 22% for Reserve, 4% for Marketing and Bounty, 9% for Associates, 7% for Teams and their advisors, 7% for Seed Supporters, and 1% for Private. The sale was done.

● Reduced fees: Using ATR tokens for NFT purchases will reduce transaction fees.

● Staking: Publishing an NFT to a user profile allows users to earn ATR interest based on NFT estimates.

● Rewards: Users can also receive ATR rewards by sharing content in the gallery. This is an initiative that helps increase the visibility of NFTs.

● Governance: ATR tokens allow owners to be involved in determining the strategic direction of the company.

● Retention: All ATR users receive daily interest even if the token is not locked in.

Artrade develops an approach that takes into account the needs of all stakeholders of the seller, buyer and company by choosing “Sanpo Yoshi”, a Japanese principle that puts responsibility at the center of the vision.

Sanpo Yoshi Principles, Source: Artrade

Artrade allows sellers to benefit from a secure framework while maintaining control. Buyers are guaranteed full transparency during the purchase process. Finally, we will fund climate projects that contribute to the well-being of society.

The second round of the ICO will begin at the end of December to allow Artrade to fund highly ambitious developments.

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