Demon Slayer Artist Celebrates Dragon Ball with Anniversary Cover Art

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Dragon Ball Although it occupies the highest position in the world of shōnen manga, a series that challenges the throne has appeared.After all, hits like Devil’s Blade Devil’s Blade With soaring popularity, creator Koyoharu Gotouge is currently conducting one of Japan’s largest franchises.Still, the artists are still humble and don’t hesitate to honor other creators when given the opportunity … so it’s no wonder they inked. Dragon Ball Cover before the new year.

This work appeared on social media this week in favor of Twitter user WSJ_manga. The fans were just looking at the anniversary cover, and of course everyone is geeky.After all, Gomine doesn’t pay homage to Dragon Ball Every day, and this cute visual has Vegeta fans in their feelings.

As mentioned above, Akira Toriyama’s Volume 32 artwork works on art. Dragon Ball. At that time, the original artist in the comics, remember, inked the covers promoting bloomers and trunks. So, of course, this time, Gomine was particular about the theme.

In their painting Those who exterminate the devil The artist inked Future Trunks and Bulma, the latter picking up Baby Trunks. The sketch continued to show off Vegeta as the Saiyans sat between the pairs. Obviously, the hero is experiencing a lot because his eldest son from another timeline is knocking, but Fuchart Ranks has visited the best. After all, someone had to warn the Earth about android, and Goku’s heart defect wasn’t going to heal itself.

Gomine’s cover art is certainly different from what Toriyama made many years ago, but fans still love the style. And, of course, Dockett has more of these compliments. Dragon Ball Some of Manga’s most famous artists are re-covering to commemorate their 40th anniversary. Obviously, Gotouge was never excluded from this campaign.

What do you think about this special Dragon Ball Compliment? Did Gotouge nail their views to the Vegeta family?Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or contact me on Twitter @MeganPetersCB..


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