Desert_Lashes Launches Exclusive NFT Art


Underground pop art artist Desert_Lashes is excited to announce an exclusive release NFT Art Collection.. Previous works were exclusively available underground, but their art is now open to the public for a limited time.


Trade graphic design artist Desert_Lashes has become a well-known name in the underground art world. Born in 1978, the artist worked under a stage name, focused on contemporary pop art and became a creator of street art. They are 2006 graduates of Camera Obscura Tel Aviv. Now, with the rise and boom of NFTs, Desert_Lashes has been asked if they are interested in converting works of art to NFTs. This quickly brought the idea for this new project.

With the growing demand and popularity of NFTs as placeholders for art, music and other merchandise and symbolic digital items, Desert_Lashes has launched its own NFT-inspired art collection and sales, with a percentage donated. Will be done. Although very different from street art, NFTs also provide a secure environment for original content.

Future projects

Desert_Lashes will start selling NFTs and printed matter for a limited time. They sell their art in the form of NFTs, and each time they make a purchase, the buyer receives a high-quality print of the NFT on museum-quality paper and numbers it by hand. Each NFT and print is unique and offers a unique sense of ownership. Combining real art and digital art in one experience.

Previous work

Desert_Lashes introduced his previous artwork on Instagram and the Desert_lashes art website. The artist features three main series. One is a black-and-white series called “In the Dark”, in which various individuals draw faces in the style of jokers and do everyday things. Called the “Jokers”, and finally the “Art by desert_lashes” series featuring a selection of the artist’s previous works.

On Instagram, more of the portfolio’s work is posted on the official artist page. You will see different styles of art. For example, those featuring graphic design elements that pay homage to the artist’s original focus, and examples of street art that participated. Artists come in a variety of styles. Work and use to showcase their diverse talents online.

For more information

To launch this next NFT and print collection, Desert_Lashes is hosting a face-to-face event and selling its work online. Artists are passionate climate change activists and donate some of their interests to raise awareness of global warming. Since exclusivity is key when purchasing art, the number of seats in this event is limited and the artwork itself is also limited.

To participate in this launch and purchase Desert_Lashes NFT artwork, please contact the above person and register early to participate in this limited quantity exhibition and sale.

To view details of Desert_Lashes’s previous artwork, visit Instagram or the Desert_lashes art website and subscribe to the Desert_lashes art site for the latest information.

Media contacts
Company Name: Desert_lashes
contact person: Public relations window to the media
Email: I send the mail
Country: America


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