Design trends and contemporary India motifs in decor that are a mood this year

Design trends and contemporary India motifs in decor that are a mood this year

A good design is timeless and a fusion of old and new traditions, creating designs and spaces that not only reflect the personality of the end user but also satisfy functionality, this is where the contemporary Indian theme comes in trend. Weaving traditional Indian with modern patterns has its own vocabulary, so we asked several home interior experts to explore design trends and contemporary Indian patterns in decor, which is a mood this year.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Krsnaa Mehta, Executive Director of Godrej and Boyce Venture – India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta, shared, “All natural elements and patterns will be in high rises in 2022, and combining bold patterns with warm colors definitely brings us back to life. Create a connection with nature. Although minimalism is a classic trend, when all design elements are subtly blended together, it can create a space that is both beautiful and bold. Ancient patterns are combined with colors such as chevrons and chevrons and A heavenly combination of patterns that sprinkle a delightful touch on the eyes while creating art with a touch of warmth.”

He added: “We are now seeing Indian prints and patterns all over the world. Elephant, lotus, paisley, etc. are inherently versatile and can be used seamlessly in any decorative element. Whether it’s an OTT platform’s Wallpaper and sets, or everyday items like bags, cushions, bottles (copper), etc.” Shweta Jain Birla, founder and chief designer of Spacekarma, agrees, saying, “When it comes to design trends, I firmly believe that there is no Particular trends can follow. Old buildings, different cultures, and the myriad colors and forms of nature are a constant source of inspiration to create and set new design trends, while patterns, on the other hand, can be an integral part of any design. Depending on their source of inspiration, they can be a very powerful element to complement any design. Indian contemporary patterns are heroes in their own right, creating not only the drama of continuous patterns, but also edgy design features.”

Saheba Singh, founder and chief designer of Kinaray, emphasises that the mood of this year’s design trends is very earthy, “Anything with a touch of nostalgia is appreciated and desired. People borrow from Indian patterns and art and propose it in a contemporary form. Since indigo is a very Indian and rich shade of blue, it was included in the range of designs specifically for this shade. Peacock is another traditional pattern that can be etched on brass and looks absolutely stunning. The carried elegance makes it perfect for printing on clothing and accessories. The versatility of these prints creates timeless designs for spaces and products.”



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