Developer’s ‘dynamite’ reaction to building height rejection

Developer’s ‘dynamite’ reaction to building height rejection

A developer who was told his luxury project would be knocked back because of its height has bounced back with a new design he says is “dynamite”.

Karam Boutique Residential has submitted an application to Sunshine Coast Council for its Lighthouse By Karam project of 26 ultra-luxury apartments.

Located on Caloundra’s hilltop opposite the historic lighthouses, each house would have its own plunge pool, infrared dry sauna and jacuzzi.

However, in a notice to the developer, Sunshine Coast Council foreshadowed that the project appeared to “significantly exceed the 8.5m height limit” for the area.

The site is zoned medium density, which usually refers to between two and six stories, but the developer was seeking eight.

The council has warned that the proposal in its current form will be struck back.

“The application is considered to be inconsistent with the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 and the applicant is advised that it is highly unlikely that the application will be supported by planning officers,” the letter reads.

“The applicant is therefore advised that there is considerable risk associated with progressing the application beyond the application section at the currently proposed building height and it is recommended that the application be withdrawn.”

The developer was also told that the application was not properly made because it was not accompanied by the relevant plans, information and technical reports.

Neade Karam, founder of Karam Boutique Residential, tells Sunshine Coast News he was “devastated” by the height restriction and the impact it had on the project.

However, Mr Karam said the team had gone back to the drawing board and would soon release a new design that was even more luxurious than the first.

To get around the height restriction, Mr Karam said the flats would be built into the side of the hill, which is on the west side of Canberra Terrace.

“We’ve redesigned a beautiful design to be more code compliant and we’ve made sure it’s dynamite,” Mr Karam said.

“The new building is going into the hill and it’s actually going to be quite sharp. It will be sunken lower and look even sharper.”

Mr Karam said the proposed number of units would increase from 26 to 32, but they would be “more cutting edge than the last, with new features”.

The development will be opposite the historic lighthouses built in 1896 and 1968. Photo: Robyn Hills

Sunshine Coast News revealed in May that the developer planned to take luxury to new heights in Caloundra with a project it said was “more boutique” than the upcoming $250 million Paloma Paloma.

It would have four penthouses starting at $6.5 million. Prospective owners will be rigorously screened and hand-picked and will be required to live in the area as local residents.

The project’s grand vision was born when a prestigious block of land on the corner of Canberra Terrace and Arthur Street came up for sale this year.

Until then, the developer was ready to build a more modest project of four luxury terrace houses on three levels at 6 Canberra Terrace.

The opportunity arose to purchase the land next door, on which sat an original red brick unit complex, offering a 114m frontage to Canberra Terrace.


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