Devin Ryan starts clothing brand


Brockton — Brockton men needed an exit to fight depression. He realized that art was the best way to go and decided to design the edgy clothing brand Local Lost Boyz.

Devin Ryan, 28, felt a gap in his life when he created the brand in 2017. For a young designer, it was an extension of his mental state and a way of expressing how he felt inside.

“Even if we’re lost mentally, physically, or emotionally, we’re all a little lost,” Ryan said.

During this time, Ryan spent a lot of money on popular urban clothing brands such as Supreme and Bape. But he felt that creating his own brand would be a better use of his money and time.

When Ryan started designing his first collection, he found a vendor and sold his clothes online. As a result, Local Lost Boyz has shipped T-shirts, long T-shirts, windbreakers, hoodies and trucker hats throughout Massachusetts.

From left, Devin Ryan, Cariana Santos, and Jared Shanks model the clothes of Brockton's urban streetwear brand, Local Lost Boys, on Saturday, June 4, 2022.

Some of the art design is dark and similar to what is happening in the designer’s mind.

“I’m suffering from mental health, but things are getting better. It’s okay to ask for help. Therapy and good people can be beneficial and life-changing,” Ryan said.

In addition to designing to address mental health issues, Ryan uses music as a major influence to create art that can speak to the world in ways that cannot be expressed in words.


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