Dezeen’s top ten designs for the metaverse from 2021

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Realistic Virtual Humans and NFT Houses are one of 10 metaverse designs that blur the line between the physical and digital worlds and were put together as part of the 2021 review.

This year, with the help of blockchain technology, as well as virtual reality and augmented reality, the online environment will perform many of the same functions, as coronavirus restrictions continue to limit real-life interactions. I stepped up.

“The virtual world and the real world will be integrated,” Amber Jae Slooten of virtual fashion house The Fabricant insisted at the Dezeen Club metaverse meeting in April.

“You will be able to turn it on and off like a virtual layer on top of reality,” she added. “And there will be a virtual world you can enter.”

Below is the emergence of this parallel digital universe by outlining some of the major milestone projects of the last 12 months, from Beeple’s record NFT sale to Facebook’s rebranding as Metaverse company Meta. Is illustrated.

Daily: First 5000 days by Beeple

In March, American artist Beeple’s jpeg collage made Christie’s the most expensive digital image ever, with sales of over $ 69 million.

This is made possible by non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain-based authenticity certificates that can be linked to virtual works of art, allowing the purchase, sale and collection of works that exist purely digitally.

Following the sale, high-value auctions flourished, and digital designers signaled the arrival of a “creative and artistic renaissance” with this technology and earned their work for the first time without relying on client or gallery commissions. Declared that it will be possible to make it.

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From the summary of the Metaverse design, the house of Mars by Crysta Kim

Martian House by Christa Kim

The groundbreaking sale of Beeple has spawned many other firsts, including the “First Digital Fragrance” and the “First NFT Digital House.”

Inspired by artist Christa Kim, this work was sold at the online marketplace SuperRare at a higher price than many real homes, even though it exists only as a 3D environment that can be experienced in VR.

Digital property is a potential copyright issue associated with intangible artwork, as Kim and her rendering artist Mateo Sands Pedemonte were involved in a controversy over who owns the project’s intellectual property. It was useful as a case study.

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Classic Burning GIF Buffalo Digital Shoes by London and Fabricant

Classic Burning Four by Buffalo London and Fabricant

Blue and orange flickering flames swallow this virtual trainer by Buffalo London and Fabricant. It can only be “worn” by overlaying it on the buyer’s photo using specialized 3D software.

The January release is reportedly the first time an established brand has made virtual wearables available for purchase on websites along with regular physical products.

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Pink table for Shipping auction by Andres Reisinger featured in Dezeen's Metaverse Design Summary

Delivery by Andrés Reisinger

After becoming famous on Instagram, Andrés Reisinger was one of the pioneers of digital designers who succeeded in monetizing their work through NFTs, with a total of 10 virtual furniture (top and top) debut drops within 10 minutes. Was put up for auction. $ 450,000.

You can use the “impossible” seats and tables in your collection to create games and animations from scratch, or place them in existing 3D virtual spaces, including open worlds such as Minecraft, Decentraland, and Somnium Space.

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Demo of Meta Human Creator by Epic Games and Unreal Engine introduced in Dezeen's Metaverse Design Summary

Meta Human Creator by Unreal Engine

MetaHuman Creator is an app launched by Fortnite developer Epic Games that lets you create digital people with lively features, from wrinkles to capillary damage, in minutes.

These can be animated by developers using motion capture technology and incorporated into video games and animations to save both time and money to democratize the creation of surreal virtual worlds.

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Fortnite character wearing Balenciaga featured in Dezeen's Metaverse Design Summary

Fortnite Collection by Balenciaga

Balenciaga turned a sock-style speed trainer into a Picax and restyled a handbag as a glider to create a collection of fashionable weapons and clothing that Fortnite players in the online game can use to assemble their avatars. ..

Earlier, fashion brands worked with Epic Games to create their own video game, Afterworld. In this game, we took users to the acclaim of the secrets of the forest and introduced Balenciaga’s Fall / Winter 2021 collection.

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Virtual reality portal

Thread threshold by popular space

Instead of clicking tabs and links to switch between different online environments, design studio Space Popular proposes a new navigation infrastructure for the Metaverse that allows users to uncover the next 3D world by simply pulling back the virtual curtain. Did.

Founders Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg, who shared the concept in the Dezeen15 Online Festival manifesto, said the system acts as an antidote to “the discriminatory and opaque nature of locked doors.”

“Such textiles are only revealed when we touch them, pulling our environment apart in the air and giving us access to another,” Duo explained.

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The first NFT from the Firsts collection by Imogen Heap

First collection by Imogen Heap and Endless

In response to growing concerns about NFT-related environmental impacts and copyright issues, musician Imogen Heap has set six audiovisuals to “set the standard for the potential and ideals of digital art.” Created NFT’s debut collection.

The heap invests 5% of its revenue in carbon capture, and the rest of the profit is evenly divided among all contributors, programmed into the code and listed in each description, so generated from the atmosphere throughout the drop. 100 times more carbon was removed from the NFT.

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Animator Overcoat is a virtual overcoat featured in Dezeen's Metaverse Design Summary.

Animator overcoat by The Fabricant and Toni Maticevski

Visitors to Australian Fashion Week this summer were able to take pictures of themselves with a digital matrix-style overcoat finished in a rainbow of molten metal and spikes comparable to sea urchins.

Wearables were created by local designer Toni Maticevski and the digital fashion house The Fabricant. This fabricant made history when it designed the first digital dress to be auctioned as an NFT in 2019.

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Meta blue infinity logo featured in Dezeen's Metaverse Design Summary

Facebook meta logo

In October, Facebook renamed it Meta and adapted the product to the Metaverse to maintain relevance to younger users who increasingly abandon social networks in favor of immersive virtual worlds such as Roblox and Fortnite. Announced that it will focus on getting it done. ..

This gearshift is symbolized by the company’s new logo, an infinite loop and a mashup of the letter M, designed to be experienced from different angles to suit both 2D and 3D environments.

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