Did Brenda Song Learn Martial Arts for the Disney Channel Original Movie?

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Former Disney star Brenda Song is a famous face in Hollywood. Stars are known primarily for their involvement with Disney Channel. In the popular Disney Channel original movie (DCOM), the song demonstrated certain martial arts skills.Did she learn these Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior??

The martial arts skills of Brenda Song in “Wendy Wu: The Warrior of Homecoming” are real

Brenda Song at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival – “Wendy Woo: Homecoming Warrior” at the AMC Van Ness Theater in San Francisco, California, USA. | Albert Chow / FilmMagic

Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior A teen comedy movie. Starring the song as a fame to learn her heritage and fate from a monk. Monk Shen informs her that she is a reborn version of a mighty warrior destined to fight evil before consuming the world.

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