Disneyland reveals swanky new lounge and terrace to escape the crowds


Disneyland has revealed that a new, fashionable lounge has opened at theme parks, but not everyone can enter it.

You must have a magic key to allow access to the private area.


Disneyland has a new private lounge, but not everyone can visit it
The new lounge is available to those with a magic key


The new lounge is available to those with a magic key

Disneyland California’s Magic Key Terrace is currently undergoing refurbishment and will open by spring.

Upon opening, the lounge features a luxurious seating area and interior with beautiful stained glass windows and wall art.

Regular guests cannot enter the park-similar to the exclusive Club 33 and 1901 lounges.

Kim Irvine of Walt Disney Imagineer told the Orange Country Register: My place.

“Now the members of Magic Key have the same thing. That’s really great.”

She added: “The Avengers Campus is just to the left and Pixar Pier is directly opposite. They are all really energetic places.

“Magic Key Terrace is really an energy change and a mood change. It’s your chance to relax, relax with a little food and drink, and think about what to do next.”

Magic Key’s has replaced the long-loved annual passholder and cost $ 400 to $ 1,400.

Additional benefits include meal and shopping discounts, and theme park reservations up to 90 days in advance.

Disney already has some private areas that are not accessible to regular guests.

Club 33 is one of the few places to enjoy alcohol and is a previously welcomed A-list guest such as Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor, Tom Hanks and Christina Aguilera.

Speakeasy-style lounges in New Orleans aren’t cheap-because you have to fork out at least £ 20,000-and it’s almost impossible to get in.

According to insiders, invitation-only clubs have a 14-year waiting list, and membership fees vary depending on the level of participation.

Club 33 Executives and Platinum members also have access to the 1901 Lounge, which offers cocktails and fine dining.

Disney World also has a secret suite at Cinderella Castle, but it’s only open to special occasions, special guests such as Tom Cruise and Mariah Carey, or lucky families enough to spend the night at the castle. ..

I’m a Disney expert. These are the two cheapest and quietest times to visit Disney World each year.


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