Dog and owner take adorable pics recreating over 300 classic paintings

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What a nice child (Photo: Getty / Mercury Press)

When the boredom of the blockade struck, painter Eliza Reinhardt came up with a way to smile on the faces of friends and family with the help of the dog Finn.

Eliza (26) and Finn (4) are taking pictures of rethinking paintings with art icons from Goff and Raleigh to Frida Kahlo.

To date, the duo has recreated over 300 paintings, including The Scream, American Gothic, and A Friend In Need, by dressing up and using random items throughout the house.

Eliza, a native of Iowa and now living in Denton, Texas, says their new hobby has brought out the natural modeling talent of working dog Finn.

She said:’Fin is a really violent and weird character, so he was perfect for taking these pictures.

“When the pandemic began, I was fired from a job at an art gallery and suddenly left home with Finn, but he didn’t like being alone when I painted. did.

Portrait of Anna Rosina Marquardt, 1642, dateless distribution published by Eliza Reinhardt, reconsidered by Michael Conrad Hilt (left) as a portrait of Finnegan Dorman during a lockdown with dog Finn. Photo.  PA photo. Date of issue: Monday, November 23, 2020.  See PA Story ARTS Dog. The photo credits look like this:  Note to Eliza Reinhardt / PA Wire Editor: This handout photo may only be used for editorial reporting purposes to simultaneously describe the events, objects, or persons contained in the images or facts contained in the captions. Reuse of photos may require additional permission from the copyright owner.

Portrait of Anna Rosina Marquardt, 1642, reconsidered by Michael Conrad Hilt (left) as a portrait of Finnegan Dorman by artists Eliza and Finn, 2020 (right) (Photo: PA)

Dateless handouts published by Eliza Reinhardt.  In 1917/18, Gustav Klimt (left), along with his dog Finn, shows the painting

Baby (cradle), 1917/18, Gustav Klimt (left) reconsidered as a baby (cradle), 2020 (right) (photo: PA)

“My mother suggested doing something creative with Finn to include him, so I started art recreation, inspired by the paintings of dogs.

“He doesn’t have to be just a dog, it can be anything, so when he played Van Gogh with his mother and child, he was a baby.

“It has opened up a world of great photography opportunities.

“It’s nice to look at our work and see how many people are enjoying art without knowing it.

“Everyone should be able to enjoy art, and it would be great if I and Finn could do it for some people, and I’m excited.

“Australian Shepherd is a working variety, so I need to do it every day. I don’t live on a farm, so I do it. He absolutely loves it.”

Dateless handouts published by Eliza Reinhardt. During the lockdown, artist Eliza Reinhardt, along with her dog Finn, shows the painting

Cholmondeley Ladies, 1600-1610 (top) was reconsidered as The Reinhardt Ladies, 2020 (bottom) (Photo: PA)

To build the scene, Eliza makes some of her own props and uses her artistic background. She also uses things like fin toys to give her photos even more fun.

“Our work has a comedy twist, people are talking about our photographs and are unaware that they are analyzing incredible art for me,” she said.

“At one point, I recreated a picture of a girl preparing in front of a mirror, so I decided to put fins in place of her and switch hair and beauty products to fin brushes, toothpaste, and toys.

“It’s really exciting to do the little things that switch from copying it to reinterpreting it.”

Currently, Eliza and Finn have over 10,000 Instagram followers and get thousands of likes for every Facebook post.

The date of 1781 Henry Fuseli's painting

Nightmare, 1781 Henry Fuseli (left), artist Eliza Reinhardt, along with dog Finn, reconsidered as Nightmare in 2020 (right) (Photo: PA)

Eliza said:’I didn’t expect this little project to be this big online. It’s crazy – at first it was just for my friends and family. “

She added: “I’ve always felt that talking about art has a strange stigma, but it gives everyone access to art.

“We get a lot of messages from people who are doing daily rituals with their children to see our daily pictures. This is great.

“It’s great to have kids enjoy this kind of thing, and it’s a baby’s step towards seeing other art.

“Some people in the community are like art, others are like dogs.”

Finn also looks happy since he started the project, so Eliza wants the project to last as long as possible.

“The advantage other than me who enjoys making these pictures is that the fins are also improved,” she explained.

“He loves to do that. He won’t leave my side until the next photo is taken every morning.

“I’m always so excited after he finishes each photo, so I wish people could see him do it. He shook his tail and gave me a high five. Give.

“I hope there is enough art in the world to continue this with him because he loves it so much that he can’t spend the day without it.”

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