Dragon Ball Artist Celebrates Chi-Chi with New Art

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Chi-Chi may not be at the forefront of the entire series Dragon ball Z When Dragon ball superBut she was introduced early in Dragon Ball As one of the strongest warriors in the world. She fell in love with Son Goku and realized that Gohan and Goten had two sons. Dragon Ball The series traveled early in the boy and provided fans with a new perspective on her youthful Chi-Chi.

When Chi-Chi first hits the original scene Dragon Ball In the series, she was a fighter who tried to defeat Goku in battle and was touted as the powerful daughter of Ox-King. As the characters grew older in the process of the original series, Chi-Chi became obsessed with Son Goku, and the two settled at the end of the first story. Dragon ball Z Start by introducing their descendants in Gohan. Chi-Chi was almost a bystander when it came to the battle to destroy the world of the Z Fighters, but it still appears from time to time and could at least appear in the next movie in the series. Next month in Japan.

Dragon ball Artist Dragon Garow Lee is a classic Chi-Chi who discovered that he was participating in a tournament battle with a boy character long before transformations such as Super Saiyan and Super Instinct became a major part. Shared a new view of iterative series:

If you’re new to Gallow Lee’s work, the artist is probably best known for his work. Dragon Ball: At that time I was reborn as a yamcha, A different world manga series that sees a boy fan dying and living the life of a yamcha. There is no announcement that this particular side story is adapted to the anime world, but the story itself will be a welcome addition to the anime world.

What do you think of this new view of Chi-Chi? Do you think Goten and Gohan’s mother should return to the battlefield someday in the Boys series? Let us know in the comments or visit Twitter @EVComedy directly to talk about comics, anime and the world. Dragon Ball..


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