Dragon Ball Super Highlights the Heeters in New Cover Art

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Heeters is an interesting new foil added to. Dragon ball super Thanks to Granola the Survivor Ark, I made a manga. While alien criminal organizations are trying to overtake Frieza’s army, they are fighting the last members of the Celia tribe with Goku and the Saiyans known as Vegeta. Now, shōnen manga reveals the appearance of the cover of its 17th volume, showing off the galactic criminal band again in full color, making them the number one power broker in space and a thing of the past in Frieza’s reign.

As a follower Dragon ball super As the manga knows, Heaters recently won an amazing ace because they were able to take advantage of Planet Cereal’s Dragon Balls to make one of them the most powerful beings in the universe. Using the same approach Granola set out to be stronger than Goku and Vegeta, Gus, the smallest member of the heater, now has the strongest title and instrumented the Saiyans and the last remaining serial members. I started to dismantle it.

Viz Media has released a new cover page for Volume 17. Dragon ball superThe battle that took place between Z Fighter and Granola, who not only look closely at the heaters, but also share the backstory in some unexpected ways for bounty hunters to seriously grind their axes:

(Photo: Shueisha)

This month, Jump Festa, an annual event focusing on the series currently being held at Weekly Shonen Jump, will appear. Dragon ball super It is set to have its own panel. It has already been confirmed that the panel will mention the next movie in the franchise, Dragon Ball Super Hero: Super HeroMany are wondering if Akira Toriyama’s franchise will also take advantage of the opportunity to uncover new secrets about the revival of manga and potentially television series.

What do you think about this new thing Dragon ball super cover?What kind of prediction do you have Dragon ball super Future panel at Jump Festa? Let us know in the comments or visit Twitter @EVComedy directly to talk about comics, anime and the world. Dragon Ball..


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