Dublin artist goes viral with city centre paintings and dog portraits


A local Dublin artist saw a pet dog and his portrait in Dublin city center infected with the virus during the blockade.

Artist Jason Julel has lived in Islandbridge for most of his life and he has always had a keen interest in art.

Jason made a name for himself in secondary school for his artistic talent in portraiture and scene painting, and earned an honors degree in his Leaving Certificate.

Jason, who talked about his artwork at this week’s Dublin Live, explains:

“She wrote short stories and poetry, and her father studied art at NCAD. He used to take home paper and works of art and teach him how to draw.

“At school, the only thing I was really interested in was art. It became easier for me.

After graduating from secondary school, Jason got an animation job at an animation company in Dublin, working on television and in movies.

He completed an art mural course at FAS and taught art to students for several years as a teacher at FAS.

A painting of Dublin artist Jason Julel and Poolbeg Tower. (Image: Jason Yourell)

And he recently developed a series of works in Dublin, depicting scenes of the city’s most famous monuments and places, such as the Spire and Phoenix Park.

“A few years ago, I started painting the city of Dublin and the important places around it. I wanted to show it in a nice light,” he explained.

“People have shown a very positive reaction to my work. Some time ago I posted two works on reddit, which became a kind of viral.”

During the blockade, Jason also saw great demand for portraits of family pets, especially dogs.

And he will also hold an exhibition to showcase his work in the coming months.

He states: “I’m busy blocking puppies for my family. Pets are very important to people. Drawing pets is like a time stamp of emotional connections while the dog is here. It’s a thing. I enjoy it.

“The Dublin series had to retreat a bit to blockade. There are some places I want to paint like Rathmines and the dock. I’ll be holding more exhibitions in the future.”

Jason’s paintings can be purchased as prints at home | Artwork by Jason yourell (bigcartel.com) and he can also be found on Facebook Jason Yourell Art | Facebook

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