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East Lansing wedding photographer offers unique service — Divorce photography


East Lansing, Michigan (WILX)-In 2020, weddings have become smaller. Many have moved from huge reception halls to backyards, from hundreds of guests to a handful of guests, and from hiring wedding photographers to relying on their mom’s trusted iPhone. For many companies, 2020 was the final year of operation.

Still, East Lansing wedding photographer Allie Siarto has found a creative way to keep her business going. She says it’s more than just keeping the lights on.

“My team was taking 20-50 wedding photos a year by 2020,” says Siarto. “We had nine weddings that year. Most of them were small backyard weddings, so the range of photography was reduced to just a few hours.”

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As demand changed, Siarto began to focus on headshots and branding photos for small businesses. Over time, she realized that some of her favorite branding clients were women experiencing divorce.

These women used photography as a way to reinvent themselves, “says Siarto. “They have made a big difference in their lives. They used photographs to build confidence and praise themselves.”

She decided to devote herself to that idea.

Siarto called a local women’s network asking a recently divorced woman to participate in a photo shoot. The reaction far exceeded what she expected.

“I couldn’t believe how many women reached out to share my personal story,” says Siarto. “I could hardly keep up. I never thought there was so much support behind the idea of ​​divorce photography.”

Part of the experience involves doing hair make-up for a photography session.(ALLIE SIARTO | WILX)

Currently, Siarto offers a special package for people who are experiencing divorce. Includes hair, makeup and costume styling. And of course, the shooting session itself.

“After the hair and makeup are done, they look in the mirror and you can see the excitement in their eyes,” Siarto said. “So many women say they always hate their pictures. I finally gave them the pictures they love. They share pictures online and what from friends and family Received dozens of nice comments and really liven up the photo. It makes my day every time I see it. “

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