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After a snowstorm in the winter storm of 2021, the 19th East Texas Builders Association Home & Design in Longview is back with a variety of vendors.

Despite this being his first time at a home show, Floodout Restoration Marketing Manager Moser said attendance at the Modecob Convention and Activity Center was tremendous on Saturday. The event continues on Sunday.

“We have talked to many of the companies on display here and have made personal connections … there are really great products and talented artists here,” Moser said.

According to Moser, Flood Out Restoration is “thought to be a company that doesn’t want to call, but I’m really happy that we’re here.”

Longview offers services from flood, fire, smoke and mold repair to disaster cleanup, residential and commercial cleanup and reconstruction.

Infrared cameras, moisture meters, and dehumidifiers were just a few of what Moser exhibited at the show.

Lighting designer Sean Post was on the floor on Saturday, chatting with attendees and representing the Long View Light Gallery.

He said the company had been in business for 20 years, all the while attending the show off and on. The display consisted of a bright area with several types of hanging lights, furniture, decorations and more.

“I think a lot of people think of us as a light, but as you can see, we have outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, accessories, mirrors and hardware, so get the house done from start to finish. You can. Too many. “

He added that it was good for people to see the company’s options, as well as lights and expensive chandeliers.

The exhibition seemed to draw the attention of some attendees as they passed by while others stopped examining the furniture.

Whitney Gililan attended the show with her eight-month-old son, Sydney, and said the gallery of light stood out to her.

“Their things are really beautiful,” Gililan said. “I can walk around here and imagine how I want to decorate my home, so I love (the house show) so much.”

Gililan and her husband Chris don’t own a home yet, but she attended the show and got an idea of ​​what their future home would look like.

“I’m involved in real estate management here in Longview, so I’m happy to know that there are vendors I can contact,” she said.

AVCO Roofing Project Manager Hunter Heambrough talked to the participants, handing out a large red bucket to drop merchandise from the show.

Last year, when a winter storm hit Longview, roofing companies were forced to leave their equipment in Modecob, Heambrough said. They couldn’t remove the setup because of the weather, so they decided to leave the setup there for a week.

“So I can imagine that this year was very busy, but last year no one came,” he said.

He said many attendees have stopped asking about AVCO’s Euroshield singles installed on the sample board.

Judy Gillis lifted a rubber duck earned by turning a prize wheel at the Rub-A-Dub Plumbing booth.

Gillis and her husband David are managers of several rental homes in Longview. This is the first home show, and he seems to be interested in passing through many food stalls and exhibitions.

“We have made a lot of modifications and all we need is to provide high quality products at high quality prices,” says Gillis. The couple has managed rental properties for over 10 years.

The home show provided everything needed for the home remodeling.

“It only gives you a network. You never know who you come across, and perhaps someone who will probably benefit you in the future,” Gillis said. The display that caught her attention was Fidelity Metalworks in White Oak.

“We don’t use it in rental housing, but we use it in our own homes,” Gillis said with a laugh.

The home show runs from noon to 4 pm on Sundays.



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