Eddie, Head of Marketing at Poloniex on APENFT Partnership

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Poloniex, a global cryptocurrency exchange that has been around since 2014, has worked with APENFT to integrate a one-stop NFT platform. In a recent interview with Bitcoinist, Poloniex’s Head of Marketing, Eddie Jiang, talked about the reasons behind the collaboration and the future development of NFTs and the Metaverse.

Q: Q: Why did Poloniex partner with APENFT to integrate the NFT Marketplace?

A: A: Since its launch in 2014, Poloniex has fulfilled its mission to connect the world to the power of cryptocurrencies. NFTs have become the name of households in cryptocurrencies, but they are still at the beginning of growth.

In 2021, the NFT market achieved a preliminary breakthrough. It’s not only limited to the crypto world, it’s mainstream. Everyone seems to be talking about NFTs. In the future, I think the trend towards the Metaverse is inevitable. NFT is one of the Metaverse infrastructures. With a wide range of potential applications, the need to prove ownership of digital assets dramatically increases.

Many users haven’t worked with NFTs yet. Many Poloniex users are also interested in NFTs, and if Poloniex could have a one-stop NFT marketplace, it would be much easier to step into this exciting world. We have entered into this strategic partnership with APENFT to integrate the market to meet user needs and respond to market trends.

Poloniex plans to make an investment that allows users to acquire NFTs by integrating with the minimum threshold for entering the NFT marketplace, and directly contribute to the construction of NFT spaces and metaverses.

Poloniex users can now quickly access NFTs on Poloniex websites or apps.

Q: Q: Poloniex is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and you may be able to choose any NFT project, why APENFT?

A: A: APENFT aims to make world-class artwork available to everyone from elite-only items. Although a relatively new player in the industry, it has already achieved many results by providing safe, reliable, efficient and decentralized services to NFT art enthusiasts around the world. The marketplace encourages NFT artists and developers to use the platform by eliminating initial transaction fees and minimizing gas charges.

In addition, APENFT is really focused on the NFT industry and has spent a lot of resources supporting artists and great projects.

Poloniex shares a similar view with APENFT and believes that art and investment need to be made available to everyone. This partnership leverages our shared potential to extend the reach of NFTs and further develop the industry.

Q: Q: Given that exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance already have NFT marketplaces, one might say that Poloniex is a bit late for the party. How do you deal with it?

A: A: Poloniex is developing at its own pace. In addition, our team has been constantly researching the industry and learning about the latest trends, even though they didn’t have an NFT marketplace before. We have spent a lot of time polishing our products and making sure that everything presented to our users is the best. The team has sufficient knowledge and experience, which is a great opportunity to step into this new world.

As mentioned earlier, NFTs and the Metaverse have been very hot for some time, but they are still in the early stages of development and there is still room for development and imagination. The NFT market stays here and thrives. Thanks to the various use cases of NFTs, it has become an unavoidable part in many areas such as games, fashion and logistics. In addition, NFTs are the underlying concept of Metaverse, a major game changer these days. Looking at the number of global companies entering the Metaverse, it can be said that it supports the presence of NFTs. It’s never too late to get in.

Q: Q: Since Poloniex is committed to contributing to the development of the Metaverse as well as the NFT space, do we need to expect a partnership with the Metaverse project?

A: A: With the integration of the APENFT Marketplace, Poloniex will debut in the NFT and Metaverse realms. We are constantly closely monitoring industries such as NFT, Gamefi and DAO, which are the key infrastructure of the Metaverse, and are always ready to support these trends.

We offer the best GameFi, DAO and Web3 tokens for trading. In addition, we worked with key ecosystems such as Fantom and Polygon to make it easier for users to access high quality applications.

We definitely want to work with a higher quality Metaverse project. Supports more INO events and provides more token list support for great NFT and Metaverse projects. In this way, we can work together to drive mass adoption and development of the industry.

Q: Q: If you choose a partner Metaverse project, which one would you choose?

A: A: I would call it a boring Ape Yacht Club.

Since it was first created in the summer of 2021, BAYC has been very famous for NFT spaces and the BAYC community is growing steadily. The team has evolved towards building ecology and the Metaverse.

Through BAYC, NFT players are becoming more and more interested in practical projects, and they want not only digital artwork, but also identity and community. They want a bigger world to which they belong. BAYC gives the community a sense of belonging and gains a sense of profit and identity from it.

BAYC represents the spirit of decentralization. The team’s vision is to build a hometown and metaverse that everyone can join together. This goal is also in line with my goal.

As one of the most important infrastructures in the blockchain industry, exchanges will help more people enter this area early and participate in development. You can also leverage your own resources to empower projects such as BAYC and build the Metaverse and community together.

Q: Q: Poloniex offers users NFT rewards based on transaction volume. Are these unique NFTs from the exchange or APENFT?

A: A: Yes, there is a series of volume-based airdrops with a total prize pool of $ 15 million. Users who reach the specified threshold can claim limited edition Genesis NFTs and TRON Ecosystem Badge NFTs such as BAYCTRON, MAYCTRON, and TRON Meebit. Although these NFTs are from APENFT, Poloniex offers more benefits to users who have these NFTs. See https://bit.ly/39NXPNs for more information.

APENFT and Poloniex have also launched a special edition NFT cover sale event for the 1,000 HE Mustin Sun created by Valuart x Vanity Fair. APENFT has a prize pool of up to 200,000 TRX for this series of NFTs, and Poloniex will airdrop the $ 25 Futures Trail Fund for users who purchase this unique cover. Details: https: //bit.ly/3ajC4pf

Q: Q: When will the Poloniex NFT Marketplace be released?

A: A: The Poloniex NFT Marketplace was launched on May 25th on both the web and mobile apps.

Q: Q: Where do you think NFTs and Metaverse Spaces will be in the next 5-10 years?

A: A: I think the trend towards the Metaverse is irreversible and accelerating. In the medium to long term, entertainment, life and work will continue to be digitized. The ultimate metaverse form can maximize the connection between the virtual world and the real world, or become a mainstream way of life.

According to Eddie, in the future, the needs of different industries and some problems are expected to be mitigated or resolved with the help of the Metaverse. Second, it also facilitates advances in the technology underlying the Metaverse. The Metaverse is a mirror of real life, where everyone is a creator and a consumer, with an independent economic system that meets higher spiritual needs.

Finally, Eddie also said that the Metaverse has not yet been realized, but improvements and dissemination of technology will have a deeper and broader impact on the world.

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