Edmonds Kind of Play: Spring break camp options, from Lego building to wilderness exploration

Camp photo courtesy of City of Edmonds

The main focus of the Edmonds Kind of Play is to share local events that may be relevant to children in Edmonds and the surrounding cities. Since I started the column in 2013, what has been covered as my child grows naturally evolves, and with it my perspective changes, and all the lives that have happened in the next nine years have changed. did. .. “Reading a room” has been more tricky (and strange?) Since the beginning of the pandemic. I don’t want to set a bar that’s easy to write but can’t run, but I can imagine reading about options for kids. For example, the Zoom class definitely needs some monitoring when you’re already trying to maintain it. A toddler out of a zoom meeting is like giving a (reusable) brick bag to a responsible drowning person. We are all navigating new situations over and over again, which mask is best for you? Do you wear it outside? What is a close relationship? — Our responsibility continues and for many who are finding a good camp for spring break.

In the midsummer of last year, just facing Delta and Omicron, in addition to the optimistic view of COVID that I’m feeling now, the big news of the world is happening, so I’m in a local class, a children’s painting contest, or a spring break. The right time to talk about camping. But … one of the crazy parts of the last few years is that things are getting crazy and we still seem to have the same expectations for us. High school students have finals, children need to learn the most difficult subjects, employees have deadlines, and working parents need to be taken care of during spring break. So I hope these ideas will take hold as an option. I hope you can answer more horrifying questions without the pressure to do when you’re looking for and finally drop your COVID number and take your breath away. If this doesn’t help today, I recently watched a video of reporter Miles Harris, whose mother passed by while he was trying to shoot a segment, and felt a lot of happiness.

Start with a spring break camp at the Francis Anderson Center. The building is not currently open to the public, but will reopen on March 15th for two camp options, from April 4th to 8th, the Spring Break of the Edmonds School District. The first is the Discovery Spring Break Nature Camp for ages 7-11. This week’s camp will focus on “how the Earth was shaped and created different environments around us” taught using games, crafts and field expeditions. .. Campers explore different parks every day to “explore the processes that shaped the Salish Sea and discover the flora and fauna that inhabit it.” My kids ran out of this option, which was my oldest favorite. He often returned to dirty homes and was always happy and full of “fun facts.” Camps run daily from 10 am to 3 pm with a limited number of campers and COVID protocols.

The next option is Play-Well: Animal Architects w / Lego. The camp is aimed at LEGO enthusiasts aged 5-10 and is held daily during spring break from 1 pm to 4 pm. This session included the design and production of “jumping dolphins, bustling beehives, towering giraffes” and the campers “can runaway your imagination in dozens. These camps of thousands of lego parts are mine. It was a big hit with the kids. Of course the building was fun, but it seemed like something similar was being added around the other kids and counselors.

To enroll in one of the camps, go to RecZone.org and follow the “Programs” option to “Camp”. The spring break camp is at the top, but you can see that we’re starting to browse with some additional summer vacation options. Summer camp registration will not begin until a later date, but all offerings must be posted by March 1st.

The Quiet Heart Wilderness School workshop includes sculptures of wooden spatulas and spoons. (Photo courtesy of Quiet Heart)

Quiet Heart Wilderness School has a long list of upcoming spring workshops. Workshops range in age from 8 to 12 years and some younger age groups require an adult partner. There are eight spring workshops, all in Edmonds, many in City Park. I’ve seen weekend and summer quiet heart campers at Joest Park. They are always backpacks, tools, and sometimes a lot of happy crew. Outer layer. Beginners can learn the basics of sculpture, and intermediate to advanced students will learn about decorative spatulas and sculpture spoons. There are also workshops on food preservation, such as how to make jerky and fruit leather using local berries. Visit QuietHeart.org for a complete list of registrations and workshops.

Edmonds Bookstore is holding a special kids contest as part of its 50th anniversary. Children under the age of 12 are invited to create their own designs. This design should “draw / paint / sketch / color on 8 x 2 inch paper or cardstock and should include the word” Edmonds Bookshop “and the number” 50 “. “Somewhere in the design.” Submissions will be accepted at the 111 5th Ave. S. bookstore until 8 pm Thursday, March 3, and each participant will receive a small prize. Winning designs announced on March 4th will be printed as a special “50th Anniversary” bookmark to be given to customers to celebrate the anniversary of Sunday, March 5th.

— By Jennifer Marx

Genmarx, the mother of two boys, Edmonds, is always looking for a fun place to get their kids tired enough to sleep on time.


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