Emerging art gallery, Andy okay, is democratizing the art world by making exclusive art more accessible by merging it with important nonprofits


Andy Okay, an emerging art gallery, is democratizing the world of art by allowing the masses to pay as much as possible for limited-edition exclusive artwork while supporting key causes. ..

Founded in 2020 by world-renowned Swedish artists, Andyokay offers a collection of art selected from the world’s most exciting artists in the gallery. To date, Andy has sold over 25,000 artwork from over 220 collaborative artists and has raised funds for 20 key nonprofits.

“Everyone loves art and wants to decorate it with something unique and personal. Still, most people end up with cheap, mass-produced prints on the walls. As an environmental artist, I Found a huge whole in the art buying market between mass production and Picasso.

Working with both nonprofits and artists will enable customers to pay as much as they can for incredibly limited edition wall art from internationally recognized artists. Andreas Häggkvist from “Art for Causes”.

Together for better

“Andy OK is the perfect combination of art and charity. An opportunity for the masses to buy exclusive gallery art that may not be available otherwise, while helping to save the planet. We are non-profit. We work closely with commercial organizations in the long run to ensure that donations are in the right hands. This is our commitment to our customers, our charitable partners, and our future. “

WWF, Nonviolent Projects, Greenpeace, Rainforest Trust, Amazon Watch and Smile of the Child are just a few of Andy OK’s trusted charity partners.

Heartfelt art for earth lovers

There are many places to buy prints online, but Andy stands out for several important reasons. One is a carefully selected art collection. Many art sites overwhelm you with thousands of options and you don’t even know where to look. Andy okay offers a smaller selection of unique pieces that are easy to manage perusal.

The direct sales model also provides a comfortable buying experience. With this model, you can order items on the site and deliver them to the door for display in just a few days.

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“Big changes start with small things. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my career as an artist, that art has the power to evoke both visual and emotional joy. I use this power. We aim to use it to make real change and empower the public to do something to protect the planet. You certainly don’t have to be a hardcore environmentalist to make a difference. The little things like riding a bicycle to work, bringing your own shopping bag to the store, buying artwork that supports a big purpose, etc. These are the things that make our world a better place. It was added to make it a place, especially when thousands of people started them together, “continues Andreas.

From Adman to activists

Andreas left a breakthrough career in the advertising industry in 2018, focusing on creating surreal and whimsical animal portraits that perfectly combine his artistic skills with his passion for nature.

“The goal of my art is not only to bring a small smile to the observer’s face, but also to stop the observer and make them think a little about some of what is happening on our planet.”

The endangered fauna facing climate change, plastic pollution and poaching is just one part of the subject matter presented in his eye-catching art.

Andreas’ pioneering approach to combining art and environmental issues has given him countless praises. His groundbreaking project on behalf of WWF as an elephant ambassador has made him a “hero of the world” by the organization. He also worked with PETA to create art that raises awareness of species discrimination. And he was one of the three artists in the world he was selected by the United Nations to create art for the Day of Creativity in the World.

In 2020, Andreas was signed by HNW Gallery, the top gallery in the United States.

“That’s when everything really changed for me. But it’s not the way you might think. The dream came true, but it’s also the same people who brought me into the limelight from the gallery. I couldn’t reach my art for many people, which inspired me to start thinking about affordability and the whole new business at its core. Andy is okay. “

“Andy OK always means a better tomorrow. Everything from paper selection to packaging to production chains. We’re just getting started, but we’re already working with some of the world’s largest nonprofits. My long-term vision is to raise $ 1 million for nonprofits by 2030, and to do that while providing exclusive, high-quality art to the masses. Now let’s use the power of art to make a difference with one piece of artwork at a time, ”Andreas concludes.

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The emerging art gallery, Andy, is ok. We are democratizing the world of art by allowing the general public to pay as much as possible for exclusive artwork while supporting important causes. Founded in 2020 by world-renowned Swedish artists, Andyokay is an online gallery featuring limited-edition art by the world’s most exciting artists. To date, Andy okay has sold over 25,000 artwork from over 200 collaborative artists and has funded over 20 global nonprofits.

Social media links

Facebook: https: //www.facebook.com/andyokayart/
Instagram: https: //www.instagram.com/andy.okay/
twitter: https://twitter.com/okay_andy

Media contacts
Company Name: Andy OK
contact person: Andreas Häggkvist
Email: I send an email
phone: +46 (0) 72 4518530
Country: Sweden
Website: http://www.andyokay.com/


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