Endangered Species Art Contest winner announced


Panama City, Florida (WMBB) — Children gathered at the Panama City Arts Center for the results of a special Saturday morning tournament.

“I’m really happy to be here. I’m proud to have a lot of friends on this wall and my school on the wall,” said 4th grade RubyPate.

For the past 30 years, 4th graders have participated in Paul Brent’s 4th grade endangered species art contest.

Approximately 1500 million students from elementary schools in Bay County are participating in the contest.

Teachers select about 12 students from each school to get a chance to win a certificate or prize.

Panama City artist Paul Brent chooses a variety of endangered species each year. This year was Blue Heron.

“We know that we have hit the habitats of endangered wildlife and animals in Florida, such as birds, reptiles, mammals, insects, endangered butterflies and whales.” Brent said.

Winners of the Grand Prize will receive a print of an endangered animal created by Brent and a $ 150 check.

“Even if the classes are uniform, the students who actually put them all together best are generally a few students who really stand out from everything else,” Brent said. “Usually there’s something that jumps out into care and quality. I feel like some of the grand prize winners are competing for art at the high school level.”

This year, the student was a 4th grade Dylan Cummings.

“I like drawing. I didn’t care about winning or losing,” Cummings said.

The Tindal Academy is the overall winner and received a $ 150 check for art supplies.

The prize money will be donated by the Panama City Alliance Club and the Panama City Women’s Club.

“It’s important to let people know that art can be a profession,” Brent said. “Often considered” play with art and have fun “, but no, art is also a good profession for talented people and those who want their own business, so they can make money. “

Brent said he would give students a monetary award to encourage students to pursue an art career.


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