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Enid, Oklahoma — A local photographer is celebrating the 100th anniversary of one of his projects climbing the walls of an Oklahoma building.

Enid’s photographer, artist and entrepreneur, Mike Krem, has traveled the world as a photographer, starting more than 40 years ago at his home in northwestern Oklahoma.

In 2009, Krem completed its first wall branding installation project, marking its 100th anniversary this year.

“We not only put pictures in 100 buildings, but also filled 100 buildings or offices across the state in the last decade,” Klemme said.

Mike Klemme poses for his work at Oklahoma Bank First Headquarters in Oklahoma City. (Photo courtesy)

Throughout Oklahoma and the region, he worked with hospitals, schools, government agencies and businesses with teams, carefully curated and frequently commissioned, installed in both traditional and creative formats. Through the photos that were taken, we helped the wall become part of the brand. Krem said.

His latest photo is located at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

Klemme has installed projects in many buildings, including Entegris Hospital, BankFirst Headquarters, Stride Bank Center, Autory Technology Center, Hanziker Writing Headquarters, and Escridge Lexus Dealers.

“Hearing from owners, employees and patients about how my art initiates conversations, creates the right atmosphere and relieves patient anxiety is a dream come true for me,” he said. Told. “Creating art that helps others exceeds my greatest expectations as a photographer.”

The work started with Krem’s already thriving photography business and worked primarily in the golf industry for 30 years. Known as one of the leading golf course photographers, he has traveled to 50 countries to photograph both courses and holes.

When he looked for a job near his house, he said he knew that his images could help others tell their story.

Before celebrating Oklahoma’s 100-year state system, Krem visited each of the state’s 77 counties and took tens of thousands of images introducing the state’s diverse and colorful community.

These photos became a coffee table book titled “Celebrating Oklahoma!”. Published in 2007, it has sold 25,000 copies.

The concept of wall branding began when a company began calling Krem to ask for help in putting an image of Oklahoma on the wall.

“It didn’t take long for our work to be more than” wall art. ” We filled their offices and corridors with images that go beyond beauty and simply help fill the space, “Krem said. “The local landmarks on the walls made people feel at home and even provided inspiration and comfort, depending on what we chose in a particular environment.”

A few years ago, when the Entegris Bus Baptist Health Center was building a new cancer facility, he said the manager wanted to fill his building with his photos.

“I think we probably hung 500 photos on the building,” he said. “Even after 13 years, we still receive letters from patients telling us how meaningful the images in the building are in the healing process.”

Centennial clashes

Brent Kisling, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, called Krem the success story of Oklahoma.

“It’s appropriate that Mike’s 100th project is with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce,” Kisling said. “As a native Oklahoma and official photographer of the state’s 100th anniversary, he has the right eye to capture images showing what is possible for commerce in Oklahoma.”

Klemme uses evidence-based design principles. This is the process of making decisions about the built environment based on credible research and achieving the best possible results.

He said art is arguably the first reaction when people approach or enter buildings of all kinds. If the process of selecting and integrating art with design is fully contextual, art adds value far beyond its visual aesthetic appeal.

“His process is about connections,” Kisling said. “He listens to clients and thinks like an artist or marketer, but it’s always about connections and storytelling. His image evokes pride and initiates important conversations. One of the things that works especially well for us is that in our project, the image is printed on the fabric, so it’s easy to change the image. “

As the work progressed, according to Klemme, it became an integral part of the building design of the entire hospital complex, headquarters, convention centers, government offices and other unique projects. He has a direct understanding of how daily use of the EBD process can help clients reach their goals of communicating with different members.

Whether you participate at the beginning of a build or enter an established space, he follows a three-step process that includes discovery, creation, and installation.

Klemme’s team does all the work with state-of-the-art equipment and different formats, offering options for all types of installations. Then install all the images to your specifications. This is overseen by Klemme himself.

“I couldn’t choose just one part of my work that I liked,” Klemme said. “I love people, I love art, I love storytelling, and I love the fact that this speaks to the wall, but if you need to choose one that makes the most sense, it’s probably building a community. Is to provide people with a way to emphasize what is most important. Is it better than that? “


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