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A few years ago, 37-year-old Courtney Schoenberg looked at her life and decided that the life she had built with her family in St. Louis was not part of her future.

Schomburg has worked with his mother to own and operate the INhance IT Staging Home for over 13 years. It has become a multi-million dollar business. After creating a vision board one night, they decided to sell it to their employees, and the whole family lived on the beach as part of their vision. It was a difficult decision, but she says it was the right decision for them. Especially for Schomburg, who was decorating and designing vacation homes as part of the board.

Substantially growing your business is what Schomburg does. One of the outstanding examples: Pink Pineapple Property sales, based in her vacation rental home management company Sarasota, peaked at $ 30,000 in 2020. In 2021, that figure increased by 733.33% to $ 250,000. And she expects to double it in 2022. And she may be able to do that by adding properties, concierge services and raising the price of one night of stay.

So what is Schomburg’s secret to owning two successful businesses? Create a consistent business plan, deploy the right people, and grow as fast as she can handle.

Pink Pineapple Property is a one-stop shop for clients. Schomburg’s real estate licensing and design background allows investors to buy a home where Schomburg acts as a broker and design and maintain it all with Pink Pineapple. The largest home sale that mediated her deal while she worked for investors was, so far, a $ 1.5 million home on Holmes Beach in Bradenton. This model is especially advantageous for clients who live outside the state but want to invest in the scorching Florida market.

The strategy of including real estate services has its roots in a shift in the original business plan. “It opened a whole new world because we did it,” she says. That’s what contributed to the client boom by creating a specific niche for Seanberg to work on. She says most realtors have no design experience and most designers have no knowledge of real estate. So Seanberg is the best of both worlds.

In 2019, she and her husband Jon Schomburg (37 years old) bought While living in St. Louis, their first Pink Pineapple home was to start a business. Then, in 2020, a pandemic occurred. Being a relatively new company, Schomburg says he had to punch and roll. “We lost all the reservations we were working hard on,” she says.

Instead, she turned her attention to the one villa they had and looked for a medium-term renter rather than a short-term one.

And finally, on the other side of the pandemic, people started to venture a little more. In less than a year, Pink Pineapple has skyrocketed from 1 to 12 properties.

How do you deal with such growth? “Every day,” says Schomburg.

But in reality, the couple’s duo set up a back-end system to help automate some processes. Today, Jon performs most back-end tasks and Courtney can focus on designing and maintaining each property. “We make a great team,” she says.

The Pink Pineapple team itself has grown to four employees. This includes couple duos, on-site handymen, and assistants. Courtney hopes the company will be able to hire four more employees by the end of the year, for a total of eight employees.

Faced with the challenges of a classic entrepreneur, Schomburg finds more investors and focuses on her business growth by ensuring that Pink Pineapple’s comfort standards meet high-end designs. I’m particularly focused on finding someone who can replace her so that I can.

The best experience she had at the company was a villa named Hollywood House. Her homeowner told her to do whatever she wanted to do as long as she contained her color.

“I found it great,” she says. “It was the first one I was able to spread my wings and show my talent.”

Of course, she proved herself, so most clients gave her a free range of design.

“You know you’re at Pink Pineapple’s house because of how comfortable you are,” she says. Her goal is to ensure that guests are comfortable with luxury furniture. Each guest stay comes with a handwritten “welcome” notebook, a hand-painted sand painting bottle and a special pink pineapple.

One of the more important details included in Schomburg is the status of the Airbnb superhost she earned. At first, she managed only one property, so it wasn’t too difficult. “We currently own 12 properties, so it’s very difficult to maintain the status of a superhost,” she says.

And the future plans of the company tend to be much more difficult. Schomburg wants to add 10 more properties to its portfolio. Schomburg says that’s one of the reasons why the future of pink pineapple looks bright. “There are many investors who want to own a paradise.”


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