Erbar Mattes strips back and extends flats in former London pub


London studio Erbar Mattes has transformed two former Hoxton pub apartments into duplex flats by adding a grayish-brown brick extension to the “priesthood”.

The old pub, called Blockmakers Arms, is located in a protected area of ​​the Regent’s Canal and dates back to the mid-19th century. It was converted into three flats in the 1970s.

Erbar Mattes has expanded two apartments in a former London pub

The owner of the ground floor apartment sought extra space for a growing family and acquired a vacant ground floor dwelling for the purpose of creating a five bedroom duplex.

Erbar Mattes’ approach removed the previous expansions that undermined the original structure of the pub and replaced the exterior stairs with brick loggias informed by elevated walkways and monastery corridors.

Extension of grayish brown brick
The extension has a built-in loggia

“One of the main challenges was to create a larger dwelling while maintaining individual access to a separate apartment on the top floor,” the studio explained.

“To overcome this, the external circulation has been rearranged to side height and a new raised sidewalk has been added to the rear.”

Extension of grayish brown bricks by Erbar Mattes
The extension has converted two flats into duplexes

“The loggia, with its sturdy brick piers, is inspired by the priesthood architecture, where the corridor forms a protected transition space between the inside and outside,” Elvermat continued.

By replacing the redundant vehicle access, this new arrangement enhances the building’s relationship with the loggia and the rear walled courtyard, which is overlooked by the new brick volume.

External stairs
External circulation has been added to the side of the building

“The volume of the new linear building envelops the side and back elevations without compromising the glamorous front façade,” the studio said.

Internally, the existing structure was reconstructed to fit the expanded size, the gypsum board ceiling and finish were stripped, and the original ceiling height and wooden panels were restored.

The former function room on the ground floor was reused to create a large main bedroom with access to the roof terrace on the ground floor above the original entrance to the pub.

The new volume includes a staircase overlooking nearby trees from a large window, plus two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Pub interior remodeling by Erbar Mattes
The original details of the pub have been restored internally.Photo by Ståle Eriksen

During the project, Erbar Mattes was asked to remodel the interior of a separate upstairs apartment. This included a similar approach of removing recently added ones to reveal the original internal features.

White wall residential stairs
The internal stairs overlook the nearby trees.Photo by Ståle Eriksen

Erbar Mattes was founded in 2015 by Holger Mattes and Demian Erbar, who previously worked for David Chipperfield Architects.

The studio recently expanded its Edwardian home in Crouch End, London. Here you can overlook the garden from a bright living area built of pale bricks.

Unless otherwise stated, the photos are by Simon Menguez. Ståle Eriksen


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