Ernst Billgren’s NFT Auction by Tradera and Technicorum Attracts the Top Business and Art Community

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Ernst Billgren’s NFT series “Twelve Gates” continues to be the focus of attention in Sweden. While the highest bids on Tradera’s online auctions continue to grow, Billgren’s NFT exhibitions are overwhelmingly well received by the business and arts communities.

Stockholm – March 24, 2022 – Created by one of Sweden’s most prominent artists, Ernst Billgren, the NFT auction is presented to Sweden’s top business and art communities, attracting multiple bids online and providing overwhelmingly positive feedback. received. The NFT solution was developed by Technicorum Holdings, a global investment and compliance company headquartered in Singapore and specializing in blockchain-based digital assets, and launched by Tradera, Sweden’s leading circular economy market. ..

Leaders from the Swedish business and art community have come together to celebrate the launch of Sweden’s first NFT auction. Ernst Billgren’s physical artwork and NFT were exhibited at Taverna Brillo in Stockholm. This event marked a new step in the Swedish art community where NFTs are integrated into traditional arts.

The first NFT auction in Sweden has already received over 160 bids since the auction started. Bid offers can be submitted directly on Tradera’s auction website until March 27, 2022. The auction will include digital artwork, physical paintings, and texts on art written by Ernst Billgren. The NFT series is curated by Jan Åman and Daniel Daboczy (CEO of Technicorum Holdings) in a series of 12 works of art called “Twelve Gates”, the first of which is called “EGO”. Ernstbilgren’s physical oil painting “EGO” has been extended to the digital world through NFTs.

All artwork has its own digital smart contract developed by Technicorum. Digital collections are programmed with open source blockchain software with a unique digital signature that makes it exchangeable and non-exchangeable. Full ownership of the artwork and transactions is recorded on the blockchain network and made publicly available.


Technicorum Holdings is made up of several subsidiaries, some of which are regulated and specialize in a variety of industries such as digital assets, DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi and Metaverse. Its wholly owned subsidiary, Gravitas International Associates Pte Ltd, is registered in Singapore. Fintech companies certified by the Singapore FinTech Association as Certified Blockchain and DLT Providers, eWallets, Core Banking, Digital Exchange Platforms, Digitization and Tokenization, Platforms, Products, and Services. The Technicorum Group has a large number of reference projects and clients, including over 100 ICOs / IEOs / IDOs / STOs completed through subsidiaries over the last four years.

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About Tradera is Sweden’s leading circular economy marketplace based in Stockholm. Tradera has over 3 million members, 6 million weekly visits and over 4 million lists. Tradera’s items are sold by both retail consumers and businesses, ranging from fashion interior design to high-tech and collectibles. Tradera users are primarily based in Northern Europe and can buy second-hand goods through auctions and fixed price listings. Tradera was founded in 1999 and was acquired by eBay Inc in 2006. The company was subsequently acquired by Paypal. Since December 2021, the company is wholly owned by Tradera’s management.

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