ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith finally finds what he likes about MKE: Summoning

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Last summer, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith drew outrage in Milwaukee when he complained on “First Take” about the “terrible city” we call home. But today, on his ESPN Morning Sports talk show, Smith revealed that he did discover something he liked about Milwaukee during his visit to the NBA Finals last year.

“The city is unpleasant and it’s so cold, but I gotta tell you, I love that big orange statue by the lake,” Smith said in his signature “Broken Hat Lock” shouting style. “It’s a beautiful tribute to orange! And the asterisk! The best – the best! – it blocks the hideous white building behind it. How hilarious it is. A hilarious man! Worse than the Knicks!” ”

For the next 27 minutes, Smith would angrily yell at the New York Knicks on “First Take” — including via three ad breaks — but would eventually return to praising The Calling statue along with several other Milwaukee features .

“I SAY WHAT I SAY, MAX KELLERMAN! THE BRONZE FONZ IS THE ONLY GOOD ART EVER!” Smith yelled at his co-host, who was no longer Max Kellerman. “If you’ve never had a real chili, have you ever had a chili?! It’s a BAAAAAD chili, skip it! I mean, it’s good!”

During a business break, Smith explained that during his finals in Milwaukee, he took a personal city tour of the locals that gave him a new appreciation for the Midwest hub — from his lovely Jones Island Hotel accommodation begins.

“From there, I saw and smelled the brilliance of the MILORGANITE factory in Milwaukee, and I must say – I absolutely must – the greatest factory ever! I bought a MILORGANITE cologne just for Let me never forget its brilliance,” Smith said on the show.

While Smith still doesn’t like the chilly Milwaukee temperatures — Milwaukee was a full two degrees cooler than New York City during his visit — he did notice his take on the city’s abundance of potholes and authentic New York slices The love he took from a Sbarro heated tray.

“Best pizza….I’ve ever had,” Smith noted. “I understand now why Giannis stayed in Milwaukee instead of playing for the ninth-place Knicks at Madison Square Garden.”

Smith didn’t like everything about Milwaukee, though.

“What are these cheese curds!? Why are they so noisy!? Fake news!”

Smith is expected to return to Milwaukee and his Jones Island residence next month when the Bucks begin their first-round playoff series. You’ll know he’s here by the average decibels added in the city. But stay tuned to OnMilwaukee for more Stephen A. Smith Brew City news.

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