Etsy 2022 Home Decor Trends

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The coronavirus pandemic has made people craving for a more comfortable and stylish home, regardless of size or area. For example, multipurpose rooms, functional home offices, and cozy outdoor living spaces are paramount to many, and Etsy began to bring these trends to consumers during this time.

But after a year of compassionate gifts, including wavy mirrors, checkered textiles, waffle towels and other ornaments, and personalized items, Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson is finally stable when it comes to design. Say you’re ready to do it. “We will end another year of ups and downs, and next year we will find a balance in every aspect of our lives, from how we spend our time to our purchases,” she says.

Focusing on Lagom, the Swedish principle of pursuing balance and relying on the philosophy of “not too much, not too little”, Isom Johnson is a home decor that Etsy shoppers show their design style. I believe in accepting moderation when looking for. “We look forward to seeing how these themes come true as buyers continue to shop with their values ​​in mind,” she says.

That said Etsy picks 2022 top trends, And its Color of the Year are worth a look. Here’s what you need to know about Etsy’s 2022 Trend Report, especially as the holiday shopping season is in full swing: After all, it’s rewarding to be an online shopper with more information, right?

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Etsy Color of the Year: Emerald Green


$ 40.11

It’s not time to move away from color. Ask the Etsy team and you can’t mistake their color of the year, emerald green. Choose everything from artwork to mugs that boast shades. Works well when combined with neutral or metallic.


Home & Living: Statement Lighting


$ 155.00

Be bold with your lamp. Inspired by this rattan wall-mounted candlestick by Reveal Home, accept the fact that lighting can easily double as artwork.


Wedding: Colorful celebration


$ 8.00

Get ready to celebrate — in color! In 2022, you may be invited to a wedding full of punchy centerpieces and dresses.


Style: Pop Punk Revival


$ 12.99

Due to the popularity of pop-punk, Etsy is skyrocketing searches for fishnet items, spike colors, silver jewelry and more.


Children’s decorations: dragons and mythical creatures


$ 90.00

Is your child’s bedroom complete even if it doesn’t include decorations featuring dragons and fairies? Etsy certainly doesn’t think so. According to Etsy, nursery mobiles, toys, and clothing with these motifs will all continue to be popular.

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