Restaurants, ice cream parlors, cafes, and all other food stores compete with each other using location, prices, and promotions, but rarely win from interior design margins. Most people don’t know this, but the interior design of a restaurant influences the customer’s psychology and encourages them to order more or less. It also affects the length of stay in their restaurant. Seating options, lighting, music and architecture all make up the interior design of the restaurant.

In this regard, The Verge, a restaurant and café with a unique style that demonstrates elegance and timeless design, is like a breath of fresh air. When you first enter, you immediately feel the warmth and simplicity. It’s all reflected in the artistic yet rustic walls, the addition of plants to brighten the space, and the use of simple and clean designs throughout restaurants and cafes.

Every space has a story

“I find elegance in simplicity. I think the cement walls and floors are so pure that they are beautiful. I didn’t want to make things overly complicated, so I want to emphasize the beauty of nature.” Restaurant owner and brain Aman Virji says. Aman has been in business for many years, working on more than 20 national and international projects and is currently planning to create a storm in Karachi. He always had the knack of cooking and hospitality. I remember making instant noodles when he was eight years old. I thought I was the best chef ever, “he recalls. About the restaurant, he says. “I’ve been secretly planning this for a long time. I’ve taken a lot of elements from books, travel, and research. The name itself is a spin-off of my name.”

Every space has a story

The cafe is located on the ground floor, and the bright light from the sun shining through the glass walls blends nature and elegance. It feels like a place to spend hours drinking coffee with a book, talking to friends, and drinking latte or mocha. Pink chairs and tables add eccentricity to the entire area and perfectly complement the calm walls. The kitchen, which is the center of every restaurant, is located on the mezzanine floor between the two floors. It’s like being on the edge of both a cafe and a restaurant. As you walk towards the restaurant area, you will enter a very simple yet cozy space. The restaurant has certain sophistications throughout, which can be seen in small elements here and there. There is nothing on the wall other than dry cement. For decoration, there are some strategically placed showpieces with an exotic look and a huge mirror that reflects light and adds to the room.

Every space has a story

Lights from lamps with an elegant look are only used to accentuate what is on the table. This is because Aman wants you to focus. Enjoy your meal and pay attention to it, rather than being distracted by the insignificant details that depart from the experience of eating out and having a good time.

The space is designed so that everything has a story. At first there is no sign, so the interior is fresh, the stamped recycling package, and even the bathroom. “When someone goes to the bathroom and goes back to the table and starts talking, I love it,” he says.

Every space has a story

Aman also has a strong belief in sustainable and eco-friendly products, which is reflected throughout the restaurant. It’s really amazing to see such a large restaurant using glass bottles instead of regular plastic bottles to serve water. “I’m always committed to sustainability and I try not to waste anything. I’m not a fan of plastics personally. I also try to avoid using packaging as much as possible. We are trying to use many biodegradable or recyclable materials, “Aman praises. The restaurant has a zero waste policy, and all that remains is composted or given to the stray dogs in the area. They are also considering setting up local sustainable resources and implementing large-scale recycling systems to reduce plastic waste. In response to a question about whether aestheticism or functionality is more important, he commented: I feel that things should be easy and consistent with the most important things. We aim to provide the highest satisfaction to our customers. Besides, those who say it’s functional don’t look good! “

Every space has a story

As for meals, the cafe serves both hot and cold drinks. Specially roasted coffee beans can be brewed as strongly or lightly as you like. However, a very distinctive part of the menu is the AeroPress filter coffee, which serves the purpose of espresso without much bitterness. The restaurant menu is limited and consists of dishes that people have never heard of. We serve a wide variety of seafood, including red shrimp, crabs and octopus. The last one was the opportunity to try and experience it. Aman is not afraid to try new things and keeps trying food. “I keep thinking about these crazy things and my team always gives me a stunned look. And every time I get them to try it (very difficult) , They always say “Wow!”, “He enthusiastically. The beef burger definitely stood out on the menu. If you like hamburgers, this is a must try.

So if you’re looking for a real dining experience that wants to eat delicious food and spend a fulfilling time with family and friends, The Verge is waiting for you.



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