Ex-male model on alleged sexual assault from photographers

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Former male model Barrett Pall began his fashion career while studying as an undergraduate at New York University.

Paul, now 33, is open to alleged sexual abuse from photographers behind the scenes.

He recently elaborated on his experience and told Yahoo Life that he first found the fashion industry attractive.

“Actually, that’s not the case at all,” Paul insisted on the outlet. “I was very open and honest and was sexually assaulted by a photographer on my first photo shoot.”

He first described a hellish encounter on a YouTube video and then advocated it in 2018. Paul said he used it over the past few years to encourage male models to speak and expose sexual predators. “I know this is not a rare situation for most models,” he said.

He added that in his first photo shoot he realized that his financial difficulties and lack of modeling experience made him a major target.

“I grew up in a difficult family life situation. I wasn’t rich in resources and money. We were poor. While I was growing up, we were kicked out of four different homes. And I saw this as an opportunity to make a lot of money, “Paul said.

“Actually, that’s not the case at all,” Paul said at first, thinking the fashion industry was gorgeous.
Instagram / @ barrettpall

“There is no specific way for anyone to be sexually assaulted or abused,” explained Catwalker, who identifies him as a queer. “I personally didn’t penetrate at all, but I was sexually abused. I know the end of what happened to me, and I say it from the bottom of my heart. I had no consent or question. “Is this okay?”

After filming, Paul went to the dorm room and sobbed, feeling embarrassed. “I went back to the dorm room and just cried and felt really dark and confused. To be honest, I don’t want to go back yet because there is a picture of something taken from me. It feels like I’m seeing my innocence being robbed of me in those pictures, “Paul confessed.

Barrett Paul
Paul believes his lack of modeling work and financial problems have made him a target of abuse.
Instagram / @ barrettpall

Men also suffer from unwanted sexual progress, with one in six men reporting sexual abuse or assault.

Inspired by the #MeToo movement, Paul tells his story about his abusive photographer Rick Day, who allegedly abused other male models such as Kai Braden and twins Zack and Michael Zakar. I wanted to share it.

“They are preying on our silence,” Paul insisted. “I’ve pushed the #MeToo experience with photographer Rick Day forward. I think it’s important to say his name because he’s been protected by the industry and various agents and managers for a long time. . He is a continuous abuser. “

The post contacted Day for comment.

“They prey on our silence,” Paul said.
Instagram / @ barrettpall

Despite his trauma, Paul is ready to heal and wants to help others do the same.

“There’s something you got from you, and as more people share their stories that resemble mine, you regain some of your power, regaining some of your story. You can, “he told Yahoo.

He concluded that: “Regardless of your sexuality, the message I want to send to other men is that consent is also gained for us and our sexual life. It’s an enthusiastic” yes “. — Or not “yes”. “


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