Extreme tattoo fan who inked almost his entire body shows off latest work

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A man who almost covered his whole body with tattoos shared his latest work.

A body modification fan known as Remy constantly shares his makeover with his 177,000 Instagram followers.

Earlier, the Canadian showed off what he looked like before his process, which took years.

He has been working on his chest for some time since he recently shared the latest information in September.

Now, in a new post, Remy talks to fans about his latest session with his tattoo artist.

But he also ran into a dislike who claimed to be “sick” of uploading body modifications.

He is still working on the torso blackwork

Remy writes:

“I’ve been around for a while, so it’s not surprising that some people are” tired of me “or tired of seeing this project.

“It’s okay. I have thick skin (physically and of course figuratively).

“My project isn’t nearing completion yet, so plan to be more’sick of me’. “

Remy also told Instagram fans to go to YouTube to elaborate on their journey.

And with the post collecting thousands of likes and comments, people seem to want to hear more about his work.

One person wrote: “I’m always fascinated by your tattoo journey!

“Every time you post, I always think,’Wait, he can do more ??’ And it’s so beautiful. Props to you and your artist!”

Another Instagram follower added:

“Happy holidays for you and your family, and a happy New Year !!”

The third commented, “I put a wonderful dark tattoo on my man,” and the fourth commented, “Don’t get sick by seeing the work of art in progress.”

In July, Remy joked that it looked like “finely aged cheese” because of the many holes in his ears.

Instagram Remy
He shares his work on Instagram and YouTube

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He posted on Instagram, saying:

“Another view of my right ear is forever underway.”

In a post about his ears, he told his followers to go to his account and read more about his growing cartilage piercings.

One fan wrote “the best of both worlds” and another praised “such a work of art is my man!”.


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