Fantastic Industrial Design Student Work: Mina Kasirifar’s FLIP Furniture

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Minaka Sirifer moved to the United States to earn a master’s degree in ID from San Francisco State University after earning a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from the University of Tehran in Iran. In one of her last student projects during the pandemic, Cassilifer worked on a timely theme.

Kasirifar then developed FLIP, an object that “merges the concepts of toys and furniture.” “To invent space-efficient products with fun experiences and new interactive possibilities that kids won’t get bored of quickly,” she writes.

“FLIP aims to enhance children’s indoor activities by providing inputs for vestibular and proprioceptive sensations, which are associated with balance, movement, and coordination.”

“Two vestibular and proprioceptive sensory inputs are usually provided outdoors in sensory gyms, parks, activity classes, etc. This limits the child’s opportunity to meet these two physically related sensations at home. It means that there are also drawbacks to home sensory products. One of them is a single-function part with a limited predefined usage scenario, or in a small house. It’s a space-consuming installation that isn’t affordable for many parents who live in it. “

Kasirifar’s design intent was to combine the functionality of some existing objects.

To focus on the form, she created a 3D printed function exploration mockup.

Next, she refined the model and created a proven use case that could be obtained by flipping the object to various aspects.

Kasirifar points out that the figure above is not all of the potential use cases. After conducting user tests, she discovered that “children explored and enjoyed the product in many new ways that weren’t part of the original product instruction.”


-FLIP provides active seating, creative movements, and wiggles to help children stay focused during other activities.

-This product can be used only for the purpose of enjoying it, or when engaged in other tasks such as reading, writing, using the screen.

-Handles increase safety, enhance ergonomics and make it easier to use when flipping or lifting the product.

–The design purpose of FLIP is that it is a product that can be used whenever the child is in the room and must be stocked somewhere after use.

-Children can switch between different features individually without the need for parents to install, install, fold and deploy.

-The flat edges of the locking curve create a hard stop that prevents the chair from tipping back and forth on excessive swings.

The Kasirifar project received the 2021 West District Graduate Student Achievement Award from IDSA. Congratulations to Mina!

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