Fascination St. Fine Art Continues to Elevate the Artistic Scene at Cherry Creek North

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A stroll through Cherry Creek North offers you unlimited access to specialty stores, clothing stores and restaurants. Numerous galleries also await art lovers, making the posh streets of Denver’s southeastern neighborhoods one of Colorado’s best art venues. Thousands of residents visit the famous Cherry Creek Arts Festival, but regulars can experience festival-like events every day of the year. Browse Cherry Creek for leisure shopping, But strolling through Fascination St. Fine Art is no mean feat. The esteemed gallery in the heart of Cherry Creek is truly a fascinating experience.

Photo courtesy of Fascination St. Fine Art and Frame on Facebook.

While the gallery entrance on Third Avenue is a welcoming storefront, Fascination St.’s official address is 315 Detroit St, just around the corner. Senior gallery director Alice Crandall explained that the gallery recently underwent an expansion that brought three stores together, “a year-long process of design and development of the space, including the addition of a dedicated frame shop.” The dual entrances and multiple rooms are just the first hints of the gallery’s extensive collection of paintings, art prints, sculptures, drawings, and more.

Entering the gallery from Detroit Street, the adventure begins with the vibrant works of painter Mario Jung, whose colorscapes (like “Shine Bright”) create a palette of colors and textures through determined and thoughtful palette-knife compositions 3D explosion. Nearby, Ancizar Marin’s balloon sculpture draws visitors into the gallery with fun colors, textures, and fun “Business Lady Balloons.” Just up the stairs, the whimsical sculptures of Carlos and Albert, a collaborative team, create imaginative cartoon animals in a variety of poses, including a group of animals taking a safari on the bus.Crandall says new addition to gallery lineup “Their work is very popular, and we import a lot of their work,” catering to the varying interests of their clients. She describes their work as “bright, eclectic, whimsical and interesting”, noting that the variation in size and complexity attracts many collectors.

Photo courtesy of Fascination St. Fine Art and Frame on Facebook.

A visit to Fascination St. Fine Art is always a welcoming experience, striking the perfect balance between professionalism and familiar comfort. Operating for nearly 30 years and currently at its current location for 20 years, Crandall describes the gallery’s long-standing presence in Denver’s vibrant scene as offering a “thoughtful blend of tradition and modernity, always seeking something fresh and new. Artistic Voice”. Their impressive list. “While landscapes are always popular, it’s important to know what’s on the market,” she says, whether it’s an innovative still life or an exploration of abstract naturalism. For example, wildlife art lovers might be drawn to Robert Bissell’s unique creations, whose unique paint textures create compelling natural scenes. Bissell’s “The Buffalo,” which depicts a polar bear swimming in a seemingly tropical underwater scene, is a work worth discussing, both in subject matter and brushwork.

Fascination St. has a long history and dedicated staff, where Crandall worked for 15 years, gallerists like William Ninevaghi worked on the gallery floor as welcoming hosts, making an ongoing and seemingly endless stream of art for almost any taste and budget exhibit. William’s passion for art is fascinating, sometimes dazzling, as he shares insights into specific works, such as the art prints of Impressionist Michael Flohr. However, his knowledge of works of art and the unique style of each artist also reveals a thoughtful professional who loves to talk about art.

At the heart of the gallery, linking the two storefronts, is a charming showroom featuring Boris Kramer’s captivating sculptures. Nameless, faceless figures evoke the beauty of movement and respect the human form in dance or personal connection. In fact, his work “Embrace” is not to be overlooked, both sensual and comforting. Sleek and attractive, the stainless steel version captures light from all angles and centers the room. What makes the gallery experience and this room intriguing is how the stainless steel sculpture captures and reflects from every angle the stunning oil paintings of artists like Gleb Goloubetski, whose large-scale Impressionist work “Night in the Big City” is stunning on the walls, and equally fascinating is reflected in the gram. Among Laimer’s stainless steel figures.

Michael Flohr will be painting live, discussing his work, and will sign and dedicate all art purchases at Fascination St. Fine Art this month. Photo courtesy of Fascination St. Fine Art and Frame on Facebook.

Fascination St. hosts regular artist receptions, and the gallery recently welcomed the refined oil painter Henry Asencio, known as the “Master of Female Figures”. Asensio’s portraits are astonishingly effective at capturing people and action, blending styles of realism and impressionism. Crandall explained that at Asensio’s reception he showed off his skills, interacting with visitors, describing his vision as “solace in the midst of chaos”.Two Upcoming Events Feature Artists Michael Flor March 18-19and Thomas Arvid 8-9 AprilMichael Flohr’s fresh, exciting cityscapes and restaurant scenes fill another room of the gallery with unique art prints and original oil paintings. Across the room, Randall points to Thomas Arvid’s still life paintings from the wine collection. His “photorealism is so detailed that you can capture subtle reflections in the glasses” that you almost want to reach for a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Thomas Arvid at Fascination St. Fine Art. Photo courtesy of Fascination St. Fine Art and Frame on Facebook.

Denver’s vibrant arts scene is spread across many neighborhoods, and Cherry Creek North remains a key scene that art lovers should frequent. While the area has been described as “Denver’s Rodeo Drive,” Crandall sees Fascination St. as a gallery, “where there’s really something for everyone, even college students looking for something eclectic for his dorm room. Grid’s work.” Perhaps like a Carlos and Albert sculpture. Popular with collectors and leisure visitors alike, Fascination St. Fine Art is a gallery experience that won’t disappoint, featuring artists and works you may never have imagined will captivate you.

Fascination St. Fine Art is located at 315 Detroit Street in Denver.Hours of Operation: Monday-Wednesday 9am-6pm, Thursday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday 10am-5pm

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