Filmmaker David Cronenberg is Selling His Kidney Stones As An NFT

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Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg, who is said to have pioneered the “body horror” genre, will debut a photo of his kidney stones as an NFT.

The title of this artwork is Kidney stones and inner beautyWill be released on March 28th through the CryptoArt Marketplace SuperRare. NFTs, or tradable digital assets that contain information that proves ownership of the owner, are becoming an increasingly popular way to buy and sell digital art. According to CoinDesk, a total of $ 25 billion has been spent on NFTs since June 2017, with an additional $ 21 billion on secondary sales.

Cronenberg said Newsweek He originally took a picture of a kidney stone for his first sick friend. The filmmaker kept his kidney stones in a medicine bottle.

“I thought this photo was very strange and very beautiful,” he said.

Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg, who is said to have pioneered the “body horror” genre, will debut the above picture of kidney stones as an NFT.
David Cronenberg

Film critics used the term “body horror” to describe the intersection of science fiction, technology, and physical change in Cronenberg’s work, but he wasn’t scary inside the body, but rather fantastic. He said he didn’t think it was beautiful.

“My body has spent a very long time making these amazing shapes,” he said, and one person who saw the picture compared the unique aesthetics of each stone to a “strange sea creature.” I said that I did.

Cronenberg said the NFT is also referring to his next movie, Future crimeStarring his frequent collaborator Viggo Mortensen as a performance artist, the art involves surgically removing organs from his own body in front of the audience.

Cronenberg’s first NFT, title short film The death of David Cronenberg, Debuted in September 2021. In this one-minute video, a 78-year-old filmmaker faces his corpse and crawls into bed with himself dead. According to The Canadian Press, the artwork sold for 25 ethers, or about $ 90,000.

The artist said he was introduced to the Digital Collector Marketplace by the photographer’s daughter Caitlin, who was creating his NFT.

Proponents of crypto assets are the majority of the profits artists make from selling their artwork directly to viewers around the world, compared to the revenue they earn from going through auction houses and galleries. Claims to be able to maintain.

Cronenberg said he supported the introduction of NFTs into the world of art. Newsweek: “NFT ownership is very abstract. It’s honestly appealing to me. It’s a really new approach to what art is.”

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